Chapter 26

Part 26
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

We were up and out of bed at the usual time next morning, had breakfast, took the boys to school and by the time we got home Roland was sitting on the doorstep waiting for us.
We both said good morning kissing him on the cheek and giving him a cuddle. Derek made coffee while we began rehearsing our part. I quickly ran through my part once and then had Roland try it. He was very good at picking up the character. I only pulled him up a couple of times to explain something or point out how I would say the words. I knew that he would be perfect for the understudy part. Usually the understudy gives the leading actor a day off a week also standing in for him on some matinees as well. I knew I would have no worries having Roland take my place. Derek had gone into the other room to phone Ian inviting him over for lunch. Close to lunch time Derek began preparing the meal while Roland and I sat close together discussing the play.
“I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity Cliff. Never in my wildest dreams when I auditioned for Alex and Bob did I think I would be the understudy to the great Cliff Steele.”
“Cut that kind of talk out will you, were all equal as far as acting ability is concerned.”
There was a knock at the door which Derek answered and in walked Ian. I introduced him to Roland and I could see Ian’s eyes getting that lusting look. Roland on the other hand was just being polite in shaking hands and introducing himself a bit more. He was so madly in love with me and I could see this was going to be a problem.
At lunch we sat Ian next to Roland with Derek and I sitting across the table from them. Once we got to the coffee stage my partner and I excused ourselves heading into the other room on the pretence of making a couple of phone calls. Just as we got up from the table I gave Ian a sly wink and I think he got the message because he gave a sly grin. In the bedroom Derek and I began making out aiming to give our guests about fifteen minutes to break the ice so to speak. Neither of us expected the two of them to jump into bed straight away although that wouldn’t have been a bad idea because we could have joined them for a foursome.
Meanwhile my lover and I were starting to get a bit excited ourselves and we knew that we didn’t have time for anything right now so it was with some reluctance that we moved apart to allow everything to get back to normal so no tell-tale bulges would show. After almost twenty minutes we made a bit of noise pretending to be engaged in conversation which was a little bit loud before going back to join the other two. They were still sat at the table but this time they were facing each other and both looked a little bit flushed so I suspect they had been making out. I must admit at school Ian was inclined to be a bit shy but since he has been with HRH he had come out of his shell. Ian then surprised us with some remarkable news.
“Roland tells me that he doesn’t think he will be able to afford to keep on the apartment he has because the rent is too high and would have to find something cheaper, so I suggested that he move into the spare bedroom at my place for now. After all I don’t pay rent at the moment and I don’t think you know who is coming back any time soon.”
“That’s a great idea, what about you Roland you happy with that proposal?”
“Yes, Ian is being very generous and not having to pay rent for a while will enable me to save a bit. Of course in a couple of weeks we will be moving to Oxford for about a month anyway.”
So it was decided, but I could see by the glances and longing looks I was getting from my understudy that he still had the hots for me and Ian was coming in second place. Hopefully in time that will change.
Roland and Ian left together, to start moving my young understudy into Ian’s place while we headed off to pick up the boys from school.
While waiting outside the school the headmaster came out inviting us into his office to discuss a couple of things. Once we had sat down with a cup of coffee, he began to tell us what was on his mind.
“Peter is I’m afraid becoming a bit disruptive in some of his classes, simply because he is bored. Academically he is years ahead of everyone else and I’m not sure what we can do with him.”
I spoke up first.
“I must admit headmaster I have been dreading this happening because Peter as indicated to us how boring he is finding his classes, but until he takes that Oxford University examination early next year I don’t know what we can do.”
“I believe that during the holidays you will be in Oxford for a while and then Brighton, will the boys be with you?”
“They are spending about a week with Steve’s parents before joining us in Oxford, and then we’re all going to Brighton during the pantomime season for six weeks.”
“I will give you a couple of contacts in Oxford so Peter can have some extra tuition for the Exam and when school resumes I suggest that Peter comes in three days a week which will be quite sufficient for him.”
I thanked him for his help and concerns agreeing to give his ideas some thought. We left his office to find two worried schoolboys sat in the outer office waiting for us. Both looked at us trying to gauge some reaction and find out what was happening.
“Just you wait till we get you home.” I tried to say with a stern voice but couldn’t help laughing when I saw the looks on their faces.
“Dad you had us worried for a minute.” Peter remarked. He nudged Steve so I gathered they had something planned.
“Dads?” “Yes.” We both replied together and we all started laughing.
“Dads?” “ Oh no lets not go through all that again.” I said.
“There’s a great movie on that we would love to see and both of you don’t have to work tonight so we thought ….”
I looked at Derek and he nodded his head in agreement so we said ok. We headed to our favourite café for dinner before heading to the cinema and surprise, surprise when we walked into the café who did we see but Ian and Roland sat together holding hands. When he spotted us Roland swiftly moved his hands away, causing Ian to smile.
Ian invited us to join them so we all sat down to eat together.
Roland told us that he had moved all his things into Ian’s place and had given notice to his landlord.
Peter always the one to put his foot in it said,
“I can see love in the air, am I right Ian and Roland?” They both went a deep red, before shyly nodding.
“Does this mean daddy Cliff is off the hook?”
I could have killed him right then and there on the spot. I glared at him anyway and I think he got the message mouthing the word sorry to me. Roland getting quite brave said,
“I will always love Cliff, but Ian told me that he doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to Cliff because as he pointed out to me I don’t have a hope in hell of taking him away from Derek, and I don’t want to do that anyway, it’s obvious that they are so much in love. I just hope that we can all be friends.”
“Roland we will always be friends, and we all hope that you and Ian will find a future together.”
We all drank a toast to that before tucking into our meal. We told the other two that we were going to the movies and after a little discussion between themselves they asked it they could tag along as well. We agreed so after our meal we headed out to catch a cab into the west end and the cinema. I can’t recall what the movie was about except to say it was a comedy adventure and was very good.
We all went for supper before sharing a cab home dropping Ian and Roland off before we carried on to our place. I had noticed during the film that Ian and Roland didn’t see much of what was going on in the movie, spending a lot of time making out and touching parts of each other’s bodies which got me very hot and horny. I mentioned this to Derek when we got home and he agreed, Peter overheard us and said,
“Me too, Steve and I are heading straight off to bed, goodnight.”
With that they kissed and cuddled us both before almost running to their bedroom.
“Boy are they hot.” Derek remarked, “Did you see how hard both of them were?” I agreed adding that they weren’t the only ones. We followed suit and as soon as the bedroom door was closed and locked we went into a clinch ripping our clothes off as quick as we could. Still standing by the bedroom door Derek went down on my rampant cock taking it all the way in straight away. I moaned in pleasure reaching down behind him to insert a finger into his hole but he pushed me away mumbling about it being his turn. He began fingering me with first one finger and then two loosening me up making me ready for his cock, while all the time he was sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow. Finally after what seemed hours, but was only about ten minutes he straightened up before lifting me up placing his cock at my entrance. I put my arms around his neck to help support my weight as he slowly entered me. Leaning me back against the bedroom door he slowly began pushing in and out of my arse while my lips locked onto his, with tongues swirling around our mouths he began to well and truly fuck me. I didn’t think either of us had the strength and stamina to keep this hot action up while standing up but we succeeded. Derek began moving around the room still screwing me hard, fast and tight. This was something new and was incredible, finally he rested me on the dressing table and really started to pound into me, with lips still locked and both moaning at the same time I knew I was ready to cum plus I could feel my lover tensing up his cock expanding even more as it prepared to spurt his seed right into my guts. We both shuddered in unison as we spilt our sperm and boy was there a lot of it. When we had finished we still remained standing or at least Derek did while my butt was on the edge of the dressing table. We continued kissing until it became uncomfortable for both of us and we moved over to the bed. Lying there wallowing in the afterglow of love making we both declared our love for each other. We continued making out for several more minutes before deciding to have a shower. All was quite so we moved naked down the hall to the bathroom. The light was on so we thought someone had left it on before going to bed. We opened the door and stood stock still because there was Peter with his big cock (it looked as if it had grown in the last couple of years) up to the hilt in Steve’s butt and he was going at it as hard as could with a look of total satisfaction on Steve’s face. Peter looked up startled but then said with a grin.
“Sorry dads I’m too close I can’t stop now.” After which we noticed his balls hanging low in his sac rise up to spill their seed inside Steve.
We went to leave and close the door but Peter said,
“It’s ok dads were finished now you might as well stay and I notice what you saw got you two excited all over again as well.” It was true we both were very hard again and trying very hard to resist the temptation to join our two young studs.
“Why didn’t you lock the bathroom door?” I asked. “The thought that we might get caught in the act made it all the more exciting for us both, isn’t that right Steve?” Steve nodded his head saying. “Yes and it worked. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a foursome?”
I couldn’t believe my ears at these words coming from Steve, Peter yes but not Steve.
“Boys, you know perfectly well that we would never do that because of the age differences so don’t even think about it or try anything like this on ever again.” Both boys mumbled sorry as they headed out back to their bedroom.
“Aren’t you two going to have a shower first?” Derek asked.
“We’ll wait till you have finished then come back for seconds.” Peter said with a laugh.
“No you won’t get into that shower and don’t use all the hot water, we’ll have ours when you have finished.”
At that we turned around heading back to our room to wait for the boys to finish. We lay down our arms around each other and Derek said, “They’ve both turned into very big boys haven’t they?”
“Yes, and I don’t know about you but that offer was very tempting we will have to talk to those boys about that.”
“Like you it wouldn’t have taken much more prick teasing for me to join those two and to hell with the consequences.” Said Derek and I nodded agreeing with him. “In the future we’ll have to be very careful and make sure we don’t see the boys naked or in a compromising situation. I know as young adults we shouldn’t succumb to such sights but it’s difficult.”
We heard a voice saying, “We’re out dad’s goodnight.”
We answered and made our way to the bathroom and got under the shower to find out it was going to be a very quick shower because those young buggers had used all the hot water. “Well that made the little soldier shrink.” I said with a laugh. “I bet they did that on purpose.” Derek remarked. We quickly dried each other before dashing back into our room and diving under the covers holding on to each other for warmth. It took a long time for us to start getting warm again but a hot making out session speeded up the process before we dropped off to sleep.
Next morning after breakfast we dropped the boys off at school. Derek had a set design meeting in Bob’s office but I had nothing to do. Yesterday I told Roland we didn’t need to rehearse any more until we got to Oxford and started to work out stage movements. Roland indicated that he would spend the day learning his lines. So I was at a loose end. I went into Bob’s office with Derek and found Alex, Bob and the company that was going to build the sets already there. “Would you like to join us Cliff?” I indicated that I would and Bob added that we could all go to lunch together after the meeting.
Set design is boring as far as I was concerned and I was more than happy when they called a halt agreeing that they would meet again in Oxford when the set was being built. I was very impressed listening to my lover telling everybody what he wanted and how he wanted it done. He had picked up a lot of knowledge since he had left school.
We headed to a restaurant down the road. There was just Bob, Alex and us two with the set building people heading off to get started on the job. They did indicate that Derek might have to pop in and see them while the construction was underway but that was all right.
Over lunch Alex asked how Roland was going and I told him I was very impressed at how quickly he picked things up and that he would be an excellent understudy.
“And is he still in love with you?” “How did you know that?” I replied. “Blind Freddy could have guessed the way he kept looking at you with a puppy dog look.”
“Well yes he does still love me, but we’ve found him a partner which will get him off my back, not that I mind because he’s a good kid and as the makings of being a good actor.”
Bob took over the conversation, “So you found him a boyfriend, I didn’t know you were into matchmaking as well.”
Over lunch we made general conversation then Bob made a strange statement, “Your band or should I say ex band came to see me yesterday. It appears they can’t get any work without you and wondered if you would like to come back if they apologize?”
“No fucking way, as far as I’m concerned that mob of homophobic arseholes can go stuff themselves.”
The look of amazement on Bob’s face at that outburst said it all. “Ok I won’t bring up the subject again but I’m getting a lot of requests from clubs for you right now, you couldn’t squeeze a couple of them in for me before you go to Oxford?”
“Bob, you’re a slave driver, no I can’t and don’t want to anyway.” “All right I’ll change the subject. The Pantomime producer is trying to change your contract from six to eight weeks, but I told him your commitment to the play won’t allow that and he wasn’t very happy, I wish I’d asked for more money now because we would have got it.” He said with a laugh. Derek had been very quiet during all this but now said his piece. “When will you start realizing darling that you are becoming a star. People are beginning to take notice; Roland was right when he referred to you as the great Cliff Steele.”
“Please Derek stop it all this kind of talk freaks me out. I’m just a young guy doing a job that he loves and adores. I make enough money to live comfortably with my beautiful boyfriend and a great son, what more could I wish for.” After that I leant over and kissed my darling. Meanwhile Alex had been looking and listening not saying very much. “I know you prefer the quite life but when we get to Oxford the publicity people will want you for magazine interviews photo shoots and so on. We have to publicise the play to get bums on seats.”
I reluctantly agreed with this, knowing that he was right. After lunch we went our separate ways, Derek and I heading off to pick up the boys. Tomorrow was Friday and the boys and we were heading home for the weekend before heading off to Oxford at the end of the following week for two weeks of rehearsal, before my debut as the lead in a play designed just for me. Frankly the idea was scaring me because so many people including Alex and Bob had invested money in me. Also the rest of the cast and crew were relying on me to make this play a success and keep them in work. Later that night lying in bed next to my lover I told him of my fears and doubts in my own ability to keep filling a theatre time after time for hopefully a couple of years. Derek leaned over to kiss me long and deeply on the lips before putting his head on my chest and saying,
“You can do it my darling, don’t worry, I’m sure this play is going to be a big success and while I know you’re unsure of yourself right now you will have nothing to worry about and I will always be by your side, loving you and helping you.”
For Derek that was quite a speech and I must admit I became a bit emotional with the odd tear rolling down my cheek. “Thanks darling you have the knack of saying the right things at the right time, I love you so much, I could never live without you.” Before he could answer I began smothering him in kisses until sleep overtook us both.
We slept a bit late next morning so it was a bit of a rush to get the boys to school plus we had to pack and be ready to head off home as soon as school was out. We were both looking forward to catching up with our parents and friends; it had been a few weeks since we had been able to get away. Derek had to go around checking on things at his old theatre job, because although he didn’t need to go in every day he was still the artistic designer and boss, so he had to keep an eye on things. He promised to meet me outside the school ready for the trip home. I decided to pop round to see how Roland and Ian were getting on. When I knocked on the door I thought at first they were not home but then I heard a lot of scurrying about and finally Ian opened the door wearing just his dressing gown and I realized they were still in bed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you two.” “That’s alright Cliff, it’s time we were up and about anyway.” Remarked Ian, as a crumpled Roland emerged from the bedroom. With a grin I said, “Well it looks like you two had a good night, I’m happy for you both.” They both came over to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I asked Roland if the line learning was going all right and he assured me it was.
“What if you hang around in here while we get dressed and we head off for an early lunch?” Ian suggested. With a laugh I said, “Just as long as you get ready without any interruptions.”
We all laughed and they assured me they wouldn’t take long.
Over lunch my two companions held hands whenever they could. “Well it looks like you two have hit it off anyway, are congratulations in order?” Both looked a bit coy and shy Ian finally admitted,
“Yes, Roland’s a great guy and we get on very well together.” “I’m glad to hear that and Roland does this mean that I’m no longer number one?” “Cliff I will always love you and Ian is well aware that if anything happened between you and Derek I would be trying my hardest to get you.”
“But as I told him I can’t ever see you and Derek parting.” “Your dead right there, I doubt if anything will come between my darling Derek and me.”
I then told them that we were heading for home straight after the boys finished school and why didn’t Ian take Roland home to meet his folks. Roland wasn’t too sure but Ian finally talked him into it assuring him that his parents wouldn’t bite his head off or anything like that. I then suggested that tomorrow night we all meet with our families at our favourite steak house for dinner. “I’ll see if Michael and Robert and their three Spanish boys could join us as well, although their security can be a bit of a bother.”
After lunch the two of them headed home to pack a few things and get ready arranging to meet us at the train station. I walked back to the school and stood outside waiting for the two boys and also Derek to join us. My lover pulled up in a taxi, paid the driver then moved over to join me kissing me fully on the lips. A couple of ladies standing outside the school waiting I assume for their children looked most upset. One of them said in a very loud voice, “Look at those two queers kissing and in front of the school as well it’s disgusting they should be locked up, I’ve a good mind to talk to the headmaster and get that sort of thing stopped.” “Yes, I suppose there’re waiting to see if they can pick up a couple of boys and lure them away for dirty, horrible, perverted sex.”
I stiffened up the anger rising in me and Derek grabbed hold of my arm saying, “Ignore them Cliff it’s not worth getting into an argument and possible trouble, just let it go please.”
“It’s hard not to go and knock their fucking blocks off.” I muttered with Derek trying to quieten me down. Just then the school doors opened and all the kids started to come out. Peter and Steve were in the midst of them and as they said goodbye to their friends they came up to give us both a kiss and a cuddle as they always do.
“Look at that they’ve already got too young boys under their spell, know I suppose they are going to seduce them and do vile wicked things to their bodies.” The other woman started to agree with her friend and a couple of others joined in the conversation as they continued to pile nasty sick words in our direction. Before I could stop him Peter marched over to them with eyes blazing.
“Excuse me ladies, and I use the term with some reluctance I would like to point out that those two wonderful men standing over there trying very hard to keep calm and not come over here and knock your heads off your shoulders, are my fathers and two nicer gentlemen you could ever wish to meet, and may I add that if they had not taken me in and saved me from the cruellest, nastiest wicked parents in the world I would more than likely be dead, furthermore they would no more stand in a public place and rubbish other people like you have than fly to the moon. You ladies, and once again I use the term loosely, ever talk like that in front of my dear fathers again I will come over here and knock your fucking heads off.”
At that he turned on his heels walked back over to us saying,” come on lets go home dads, I can’t stand this company anymore.” At that he started to walk away and we had no option but to follow suit.
When we caught up with him I said, “Thank you for standing up for us son but we were doing quite well on our own, and there was no need for that bad language either.”
“Sorry dad but people who talk like that to you and daddy Derek I’ve got no time for.”
It was quite a while before he calmed down and even then we could tell that he was unhappy with what occurred. We grabbed what bags we were taking for the weekend, called a taxi and it was only when we were on the way to the train station that Peter spoke. “I’m sorry dad but I just can’t cope with people like that, which I why I am going to devote my life once I obtain my degree to help people like that stop being so nasty and wicked and learn to love everyone the same.” Tears formed in his eyes and I put my arm around him.
“I’m sorry that you had to be witness to what those ladies were saying son, I know it tends to bring back memories which aren’t very nice and best forgotten.”
“Yes dad, I haven’t thought about my parents for a long time but talk like that brings back memories which I don’t ever want to remember.”
As we headed towards the station I held him in my arms rubbing my hand up and down his back calming him down. Both Steve and Derek looked on with worried looks.
We arrived at the station with little time to spare and had to rush to catch the train; Ian and Roland were already on board looking out for us. Once we had settled down in a carriage all to ourselves (actually we filled a compartment anyway) we all started to relax and forget what had taken place outside the school. I fell asleep on Derek’s shoulder and he didn’t wake me till we were arriving at our destination. Ian and Roland said their goodbyes and headed to see Ian’s parents while we travelled up the hill to my mother’s cottage.
We found mum as always working in the kitchen and all of us were visibly shocked to see how pale and drawn she was. Derek insisted on making the tea with the boys helping him while I sat down to talk to her. “Mum you have to move to Worthing or wherever you want to go, I hate to say it but you look terrible. Now I’m not going to argue with you next week just before we go to Oxford we will arrange for you to move, so you are close to grandmother, that way you can keep each other company is that understood?”
With tears in her eyes she nodded and I held her close telling her how much we all loved her and didn’t want to lose her. “You and Derek are wonderful to me; I don’t think I could have gone on after your father got locked away. You know he keeps writing to me wanting to come back and be given another chance when he gets out of prison.”
“And I suppose you will take him back no matter what I say.” I said with possibly just a bit too much anger in my voice.
“I guess I will after all when we were first married he was a wonderful caring husband, ok over the years he changed but he did give me three wonderful children and deep down I still love him.”
“I understand what you’re saying mum and in the end it’s entirely up to you, I just hope and pray that he stays on the straight and narrow.
Derek and the boys came in with tea and scones and we all sat down with Peter and Steve bringing her up to date with what was happening at school although no one mentioned the unpleasant episode earlier.
After tea I got on the phone to Michael and Robert who were delighted that we had the weekend at home. Michael said they would check with security but dinner tomorrow night should be fine and he was sure the boys would be happy to catch up with Peter and Steve again.
I then called the restaurant booking the whole place for the evening so it was all arranged. Steve’s parents arrived and although he doesn’t mention his mum and dad much you could see that he was very happy to see them. We went out to the local shop and got fish and chips for everyone, sitting around the fire eating them off paper like we used to do years ago. We chatted into the night until the boys started to get tired and Steve’s parents suggested that they spend the night with them and we would all meet up for dinner tomorrow night.
We insisted that we do the washing up while mum went and got ready for bed.
After a quick shower we laid in bed close to each other just content to lie there in each other company. Derek broke the silence by saying, “I hope those two ladies and their cronies don’t cause trouble for the boys at school.” I Agreed saying, “I have a funny feeling that we haven’t heard the last of that episode.” More silence followed until I spoke again, “We really must make sure that mum moves out next week to Worthing so she doesn’t have to work anymore. It will be hard for her at first because she has had to work hard all her life and now is the time to start to take things easy, plus I am in a position financially to make life easier for her.”
I changed the subject back again to the problem at school, “I could quite easily have killed that woman with the vile tongue for upsetting our son like that, all it did was bring back rotten memories.” That episode shows just how vulnerable Peter still is.”
We kissed and cuddled for a while longer until we fell asleep. Next day it was good to sleep in and we had a little session in the shower which sated our sexual urges for a while anyway. Mum was already up cooking breakfast. No matter how hard we try it’s impossible to stop her working. After a very late breakfast we did the washing up and then we all lounged around watching TV and doing nothing until it was time to get ready to go to dinner.
We arrived at the restaurant early and I told the head waiter that Derek and I were paying for everything so whatever anyone wanted they could have. Steve’s family arrived first and Peter told us that they had done more or less what we had done today, nothing. Derek’s parents arrived next and I know my lover was very happy to see them. Finally a group of security guys came in so we knew Michael, Robert and their boys weren’t far away. Once security was happy they all walked in and I noticed straight away that the Spanish boys had grown since I last saw them even though it wasn’t all that long ago.
The only one’s missing was Ian, his parents and Roland and the minute everyone else sat down they arrived. Ian did the honours introducing Roland to everyone else and I notice the three Spanish boy’s eyes light up went they spotted Roland. Michael took me on one side asking if we minded three extra guests, telling me about David being Ferdinand’s boyfriend was coming along with his father Nathan and his partner Damien. Derek and I told him no problem the more the merrier. Once again introductions were made all round and I whispered to Derek that our circle of friends and relatives was increasing and most of them were like us.
It was good to see everyone looking so happy, laughing and joking with each other, even mum looked so relaxed and much better busy talking to Derek and Steve’s mum before inviting Ian’s folks’ to join in too. I put my arm around Derek pulling him closer to me speaking softly into his ear, “Isn’t it great that we can afford to have all our friends here together for a meal and a few drinks? We’ve been lucky with our choice of friends and with our careers. I love you darling more than words can ever describe or say, I am the happiest man in the world right now.”
He leant over to kiss me on the lips holding on perhaps a bit longer than he should have which brought forth loud cheers and applause from the gathered assembly. As usual the food was delicious and the wine flowed in fact by the time the evening was coming to a close I was getting a bit tipsy and a bit boisterous, so Derek calmed me down by rubbing my leg very close to my little ‘soldier’ but under the table so no one else could see. It was incredible the way he could calm me down. Mum said she would head off home because she was very tired, I arranged for a taxi to come but before I could order it Michael and Robert said they had better get their young boys home as well so they would take mum home. Michael and Robert kissed us both thanking us for a wonderful evening, while Serge, Miguel and Ferdinand all came up to kiss and cuddle us thanking us for a wonderful evening. Hanging on to Ferdy was David who also thanked us. He was heading off with the boys to stay overnight.
Once they had gone I ordered coffee and brandy for everyone except of course Peter and Steve. I had noticed during the course of the evening that they both had the odd sip of wine. I stood up calling for order, and when it was quite I said,
“I would like to propose a toast to our many dear friends and relatives who joined us here this evening. It was wonderful that we could all be together under the one roof once again to enjoy a wonderful meal and some great company ladies and gentlemen a toast, to friends.”
Roland who appeared to be in a worse state than I was then stood and proposed a toast to the best hosts and friends anyone could wish to have. After that Derek proposed that we all go home and the fleet of taxis we had booked to take everyone home began to arrive. Nathan and Damian, David’s parents came over to thank us for a great evening, inviting us sometime soon to a meal at their place. We told them we would try and Nathan gave us a wink as they left. “I think that was an invite to more than just a meal darling.”
“Yes I got the same impression we must try and make a date because they are two hot looking guys. Roland and Ian along with his parents also thanked us for a great night, while Roland gave me a big kiss forcing his tongue into my mouth and grinding his body into mine. “I think you have had too much to drink Roland, Ian take him home and seduce him for me.” I said with a laugh. “Oh I’ll do that alright.” Ian replied with a laugh. “My greatest wish before I die is to have sex with you and Derek.” Roland said slurring his words a bit. We all laughed including Ian’s parents as they hustled him into a taxi. The boys decided to spend another night with Steve’s parents, I think Steve gets a little bit homesick at times and miss’s his mum and dad. Finally everyone had gone except for Derek and I so we drank up paid the bill, thanking the manager for a great evening and promising to return soon.
The final taxi was waiting to take us home and by the time we got there Derek had to help me inside and into bed. The room was spinning a bit as he undressed me and laid me down putting the covers over me before joining me between the sheets. He put his hand between my thighs saying, “Oh dear your little soldier as already gone to sleep.” Giggling I said, “Oh my God it’s died give it the kiss of life quick.” “Not on your life he can stay asleep till morning then we will check to see if he survived the night.”
We both laughed and giggled until sleep overtook us. Next morning I had a bit of a headache but nevertheless we managed a glorious sixty nine, with both of us shooting a load down each other’s throats.
Mum had breakfast ready and looked a lot happier and cheerful this morning. I think it was the good night she had chatting to everyone and seeing us all enjoying ourselves. I remarked to Derek later that I think she was lonely more than anything.
We’d just finished breakfast when the phone rang. It was Michael inviting us to lunch in their new living area which is part of their office building. He told us he would send a car to fetch us because that was easier than having a strange vehicle arrive.
We both marvelled at the tighter than tight security surrounding the new building. We entered through an underground car park before being whisked to the top floor in an elevator. Michael, Robert and the boys were waiting for us when the lift door opened and after hugs and kisses all round we were taken on the grand tour. The views over the hills and valleys were beautiful, plus a large covered in swimming pool was already being constructed on the roof floor, it was even going to have a bullet proof glass ceiling. Robert explained that the pool served a double purpose being available through pipes to the lower floors in case of fire. We sat down to a brilliant lunch and the boys told us all about school and how well they were doing. All three were very excited that they had made the school soccer team and so far were unbeaten against all the local schools.
Of course Serge and Miguel went to great lengths explaining the antics that Ferdy and his boyfriend David got up to and when I mentioned that they both sounded jealous they agreed wholeheartedly.
“The sooner they find someone the better, I know it’s a terrible thing to say but it would make for a much quieter house if they had boyfriends.”
Laughing Robert told us the boys had devised a new game and whatever happened don’t agree to play it.”
“What’s it called?” I asked quite innocently.
“Strip monopoly.” We were told. Robert added,
“Don’t even think of trying to understand the rules because there doesn’t appear to be any.” The lunch and afternoon went all too quickly and we soon had to say our goodbyes before heading to mums to pick up our bags and then to Steve’s place to pick up the boys. We hadn’t heard from Ian and Roland so assumed they would make their own way back to London.
After bidding everyone goodbye we were soon homeward bound on the train. The boys said they had a wonderful weekend with Steve’s mum looking forward to having them for the first week of the holidays. We were all tired by the time we got home so quick showers and in to bed was all that happened. Next morning we took the boys to school and has we turned the corner towards the school entrance we saw a sight which I was sure spelt nothing but trouble for us.
To be continued.
Sorry another cliff hanger but there you are. I hope you enjoyed this rather long and a bit sexy chapter. Once again I would appreciate any thoughts and comments and will try to answer them all.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy