Chapter 27

(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

As we approached the school we saw a crowd of people, mainly women shouting and waving banners. It wasn’t till we got closer that we could hear and see what they were saying and what was written on the banners. As we suspected they were all aimed at us and the boys.
Another disturbing site was the media appeared to be out in force.

“Just keep walking and ignore them.” I instructed the boys as we got closer.
“I don’t think they’re going to let us through dad.”
Peter was right if we moved to one side so did the crowd it was obvious they wanted a confrontation. The spokesperson of the group was the woman who said all those nasty things on Friday as we left school.
“Turn around and go back to the gutter were you belong, you dirty faggots.” She shouted at me just inches from my face, so close that her spit as she spoke landed on my face. I could feel myself losing control as my anger grew. Derek touched me on the arm whispering.
“Take it easy Cliff, if you lose your temper and do anything stupid you will be playing right into their hands doing exactly what they want you to do.”
That calmed me down a bit and we kept on walking pushing our way through. Another woman shoved a banner under my nose which read, ‘We don’t want any queers in our school’ while another one I noticed was, ‘No puffters here’ and ‘Homo’s will rape our children’.
It was so very hard not to let them have it, but with Derek hanging onto my arm we made it through and into the school to be met by a very agitated headmaster.
“Oh dear, what a terrible to do this is. I’ve already had nine phone calls this morning from parents telling me that they are withdrawing their children from the school if your boys remain.”
“And I suppose you’re going to give in to this minority and expel my two boys, is that it?”
“Well really, right now I don’t know what to do. The board of governors are coming in for a meeting in about an hour, after that I don’t know what’s going happen.”
“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen as far as we are concerned. We are leaving here and I am going to call in all my media contacts including television news and hold a press conference explaining to the whole of the country what is happening outside your school and explain that we are being deprived of providing an education for our son and his boyfriend because sexually we were born different. That’s right born different. So you can tell that to your board of governors.”
I turned to the others saying, “Come on where’re going home to make our voices heard.”
“Would you like to go out the back way so as not to set the crowd off again?”
“No, we’ll face them, show them we don’t care what they say and do.”
Derek spoke up for the first time, “It might be better if we do leave quietly. If we walk away from that crowd they’ll think they have won the fight and it’s only just starting. I don’t think confrontation at this stage is going to achieve anything.”
I had to admit he was right, plus the headmaster looked most relieved.
“After we’re gone headmaster you’d better go out there and explain that we have left, otherwise the mob will think you have accepted the boys and allowed them to stay, and that won’t look good in the eyes of your governors.”
I put as much sarcasm into my voice as I could and the headmaster looked as if he was about to piss his pants. Just as were leaving through the school kitchen three teachers asked us to wait up.
They came up to us and Peter introduced them as his maths, history and geography teachers. We shook hands and the only lady of the group spoke first.
“We just wanted to assure you that most of the teaching staff are behind you all the way and will support you. We disagree completely with that mob out there and the wimpy way our headmaster is acting. Rest assured if your boys are not allowed back into the school then most of the teaching staff will withdraw their labour and refuse to teach.”
We thanked them for their support asking if anyone from the teaching staff would like to part of my planned press conference.
“We will all take part if you wish, but I have been nominated spokesperson so I will be there just tell me the time and place.”
“Thank you, that is very generous of you, but I must ask you a rather personal question which the media are bound to ask anyway. Are you homosexual?”
“No I’m happily married with three beautiful children, incidentally my husband is a lawyer and I have already spoken to him on the phone and he offered his assistance in any way you want. To change the subject we have been following your career Cliff and love your acting and singing having been to several of your performances.”
“Thank you very much for those kind words and I will call on your husband’s legal expertise if I need to.”
We left and headed for home with the sound of anti-gay chanting gradually fading. I was livid, finding it difficult to control my temper while my wonderful lover was acting quite calmly. Steve looked frightened while Peter I could tell was seething with anger like me.
As soon as we arrived home I got on the phone to Bob, my manager and agent telling him what was happening. I explained that I want to set up a press conference and could he help organize it for me.
He agreed to help and also said he would talk to Alex and put him in the picture because he didn’t want any bad publicity at this stage for the play.
I admitted to him that I hadn’t given the play any thought being so angry at the mob outside the school. It was decided that the press would be invited to one of Bob’s bigger rehearsal rooms which can accommodate about three hundred people.
“I’ll call it for about one pm, that way it will be in time for the evening news, but they won’t have time to gather all the protesters together to put their side of the story until tomorrow or later this evening. I’ll organize a sound system as well.”
I thanked him and told him that the teachers were right behind us and one of them would be there as well.
I rang the school and spoke with the teacher giving her all the details and she assured me she would be there. She also said that a lot of shouting was coming from the headmaster’s office while the school governors were meeting.
Once I had spoken to her we all sat around the table planning what we were going to say at the press conference.
Finally it was decided that we would explain that the two boys were brilliant students looking to complete their education at a school noted for its excellence of teaching, before they go on to university. I would explain briefly a bit about Peter’s background how he came from a cruel family and so on.
Peter asked, “Do you really have to tell them all that dad?
“I’m afraid so son, it’s best if we tell them the full story.”
“I hope I don’t cry.”
“I hope you do son, I know it sounds cruel but it will make great television.”
He nodded but I could see he wasn’t too happy about it. I would also explain that homosexuals are not created by society or the way we live but by our makeup and the genes we have which are different to others.
We headed out and found the room was set up with sound, chairs and a small stage for us to stand on. Bob was there and offered to speak if we wanted him to. Before I could answer Alex Guinness walked in and told us that he also wanted to speak.
We thanked him for his kindness, and then introduced him to our teacher’s representative who had just walked in. I could tell that she was surprised and in awe of Alex.
Next thing we knew the press began arriving and setting up their own microphones and cameras, plus the two mothers who started the whole thing also walked in and sat down. I pointed them out to Bob and Alex who both told me not to worry everything would be all right.
Bob got up first, thanking everyone for coming before he introduced me as a fine up and coming actor. I must admit he laid it on pretty thick.
I got up feeling just a little bit nervous, I looked across at Derek and Peter who both smiled with Peter blowing me a cheeky kiss.
“I’m a homosexual, I was born this way and there isn’t a thing I can do about it. While at school like any normal boy I fell in love, the only difference being I fell head over heels with that beautiful man sitting over there.” I pointed at Derek and flashbulbs went off.
“A couple of years ago we rescued a young man who was contemplating suicide because is parents had thrown him into the streets because he was gay.” I paused while more flashbulbs exploded and the cameras focused on Peter.
“I became is guardian, only me because the law doesn’t recognize same sex relationships. Peter, my son, met and fell for another young man with the same sexual orientation and they began a relationship with both parents consent. They attend the same school and are very happy together. Both are gifted students so we chose one of the best schools around. Last Friday two ladies, I will call them that because if I said what I think they should be called, I am only dragging myself down to their level. These two ladies called us many vile and nasty names. OK they have the right of speech the same as anyone else has in this country even if some of their words you could say were obscene. This morning having had all weekend to think about it, they staged a demonstration outside the school and coerced others into joining them. The crux is that they want to deny these two boys an education because they are different. They are frightened that their little Jimmy or whatever will catch it and become like us, which anyone with any knowledge knows just isn’t so. All we are asking is that our children be allowed to have a decent education. The teaching staffs at the school who tells us they will withdraw their teaching skills if our boys are not allowed to continue to go to school, have approached us. One of those teachers is here today and will talk to you.”
There was a smattering of applause as I sat down and the teacher stood up. She explained her family background before going to speak about the intelligence of the boys and so on. When she had finished before I could get up Alex Guinness who had been out of sight at the back of the stage came forward. This time the press went into a frenzy and our two ladies had a shocked look on their faces as he spoke.
“I have performed in one play with cliff and I am directing him in another production coming to the west end soon. Derek is a set designer and artistic director; both are very talented young men with kind hearts. I realize they are different to some of us here today but that doesn’t make them second class citizens, indeed I feel privileged to know and work with these gentlemen. They don’t go out, date or intend to get married to a member of the opposite sex, so what?
What happens in one’s bedroom, or in private has to do with any of us and especially those two ladies sitting back there, I don’t know. They don’t condemn you for what happens in your bedroom; in fact they, like me couldn’t care bloody less. So why pick on them, there’re not dirty old men who hang around kids playgrounds wearing raincoats. No they are respectable business men. Plus the child they rescued and his boyfriend deserve a decent education so let’s not hear any more of this pervert, queer and poofter talk. I promise you that if you don’t say anything nasty about them they won’t say anything nasty about you.” This brought forth laughter from the media and before the press could talk to them two red faced ladies left the room.
Several members of the press began shouting out questions but Bob stood up and said,
“Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for your attendance here, enjoy the rest of your day.”
With that he hustled all of us out of a side door and up to his office were his secretary, Shirley had drinks ready for us. A large brandy and soda for me and Alex and our school teacher friend while Cliff and the boys had fruit juice.
“I think that went very well.” Bob remarked.
“Thank you all for your help it wouldn’t have been possible without you.”
We sat around and had a couple of drinks to relax us before heading home. On the way our cab dropped off the teacher, who told the boys she would see them in school tomorrow. Back home we switched the television news and found that we were the top story of the day
“Looks like it was a slow news day.” Peter remarked. First they showed us trying to get through the mob at the school and then went to the press conference concentrating mainly on what myself and Alex said. They did interview the ladies but it was after we had done our bit so when they spoke they knew they were beaten.
“Well I think you showed them were to go dads.” Said Peter
“Yes, but it shouldn’t have happened, when will people start to understand were not perverts.”
Straight after the news we got a stream of phone calls. First was my mum who was upset that we have to put up with that sort of stuff, followed by Steve’s parents who were a bit upset at the publicity their son got, followed by Ian and Roland who said that we certainly put them in their place. Michael and Robert called, not so much to praise us but to make sure we came out of the day’s events all right and not too traumatized.
We realized that we had missed a couple of meals so Derek went out to get some fish and chips and we sat around the table eating them off the paper. The boys then had a shower and went straight to bed not because they felt sexy but I think they were exhausted by the day’s events. I must admit we both felt the same and not long after we too headed for bed.
Next morning after breakfast we headed for school not talking very much because we weren’t sure what lay ahead. When we turned the corner it was with some relief that there were no angry crowds or banners and just a handful of media hanging around, along with the usual number of parents dropping their kids off.
It wasn’t till we got right up to the school that we noticed a banner over the front door. The teachers welcome back Peter and Steve. I must admit I began to tear up a bit, thankful that at least someone cares.
The media came up asking questions and I addressed all of them,
“Thank you all for your help and support and we are gratified that common sense has prevailed and out children will be able to continue with their education. Sooner or later the British public will come to realize that we can’t help being gay and I’m sure the world will be a better place when that occurs.”
They continued to ask questions and I help up my hand saying,
“That is all we will be saying on this matter which as far as we are concerned is over. Thank you and have a good day.”
We turned and walked into the school to find most of the teaching staff and the headmaster gathered in the foyer waiting for us. I noticed, and pointed them out to Derek, that the two ladies who started all this were standing to one side. The staff began applauding us before coming up and shaking our hands. The teacher who had been at the media conference thanked us for sorting out quickly what looked like being a tricky problem which could have dragged on.
The two ladies came across to us as the applause died down and the big woman who started it all spoke,
“We would like to apologize to all four of you for the trauma and anguish we caused you. We were, until we heard you speak ignorant and not aware of all the facts regarding homosexuality. We were wrong in the actions we took and hope that you will accept our apology?”
“Thank you ladies and we surely praise you for having the courage to admit you were wrong and we most sincerely accept your apology. If the rest of the world would follow your lead we could live in peace without having to keep looking over our shoulders in fear of being bashed and beaten up.”
Peter, as always the cheeky one stepped up and hugged the lady who looked a bit unsure at first but then accepted his hug. We all followed suit and there were smiles all round.
The boys kissed us both goodbyes with Peter saying in a voice far too loud,
“Goodbye dads we love you dearly.”
“We love you too sons.” We chorused in return. We left the school and headed for home and no sooner had we sat down to a cup of coffee than there was a knock on the door which turned out to be Ian and Roland.
They both congratulated us on our actions during the demonstration, saying that we advanced the gay acceptance movement by many years. There was what we call in the acting profession a ‘pregnant pause’ and it was obvious that the pair of them wanted to say something but weren’t sure how to go about it.
“What’s on your mind guys?”
I asked and then looked at each before Ian spoke,
“As you are both aware I don’t have a job, plus Roland and I would like to be together especially when you all move to Oxford for a few weeks.”
He paused, thinking on what he was going to say next,
“Derek, do think there might be a job for me in the new production as a scene shifter or something like that?”
“We normally use local people wherever plays or shows are presented but it is possible to have someone taken on as assistant stage manager working for me.”
Again there was silence before Ian continued,
“Do think I would be able to do that job, Derek?”
“I’m sure you would, and I’ll talk to Alex about it. I’m sure he’ll agree with me. Bear in mind the assistant stage manager does all the shit jobs and is a general ‘goffer’ that does anything and everything, plus the money isn’t very much.”
“I’ll take it. At least Roland and I will be together all the time.”
At that he leaned towards his partner giving him a passionate kiss which went on far too long.
Derek discreetly coughed and they moved apart apologizing, before Ian gave Derek a kiss and hug and Roland always trying did the same to me. I think their actions could have led to a sexy foursome whom Roland was yearning for, but instead we decided to go out for lunch before picking up the boys.
We strolled down to our favourite café and the proprietor greeted us warmly congratulating us on our recent publicity with the boys schooling.
Several diners who looked like tourists came up asking for autographs and to have photos taken. I was still not fully used to this fame and at times found it irritating, but with Derek at my side keeping me calm it was all right. This something I will have to get used to, that when we are out in public we would be scrutinized all the time. I took the opportunity to introduce Roland as a young up-and-coming actor who was also my understudy, so much to his embarrassment he too had to sign autographs and have his picture taken.
Over lunch we discussed the accommodation plans for Oxford. Derek pointed out that we were staying in one of the better Oxford hotels and he suggested that we contact them and book an extra double room for the six weeks.
“But we won’t be able to afford that.”
Said Roland,
“Our wages are a lot less that yours.”
“Don’t worry about that we’ll look after that. The first week will just be us four but from the second week the boys will be joining us, which brings me to another point. What are we going to do with the boys for five weeks before we head off to Brighton, for the panto season? Brighton being a seaside resort will be no problem because there’s a lot to do, but not Oxford.”
“Don’t worry, Roland and I will help keep them occupied.”
“Thanks for that but remember their age and no sexy stuff.”
I said with a laugh.
“Well, that’s a couple of my ideas gone down the chute.”
Roland answered with a laugh.
“Don’t forget Roland that they are still schoolboys so it’s a case of look but don’t touch and don’t worry, they are a couple of horny buggers and will try very hard to get into your bed believe me.”
We chatted and made plans until it was time to go to pick up the boys. Once again our two ladies were outside waiting for their young charges and they chatted to us as if nothing had ever happened. They appeared to be very interested that I was a close friend of Alex Guinness which I think is the only reason they spoke to us. The boys came out, right on time, and after kisses and hugs all round we headed for home and a nice quite night in front of the TV.
Ian and Roland kissed us all goodbye after arranging to meet at the train station for the trip to Oxford next Monday. We had decided that on Friday we were taking the boys to stay with Steve’s parents and that we would stay overnight Friday and Saturday at either mine or Derek’s old home and go back to London on Sunday in time to pack and get ready for our trip away.
Tomorrow, Thursday, Derek had a meeting with the set builders, and I decided to stay home this time, going over my lines and working out in my brain what moves are likely.
After dinner we all sat around watching some crap show on television with our arms around our respected partners. We started making out, paying more attention to each other than the screen and we noticed the boys doing pretty much the same. Derek hand kept brushing against my erection as his tongue explored my tonsils. He had already unbuttoned my shirt and my belt. The next thing I could feel the zipper being slowly pulled down and a hand snaking inside my underwear finding my dick and slowly rubbing up and down.
To say it was heavenly would be an understatement. I glanced across the room to see Steve with a mouthful of Peters cock and pointed this out quietly to my own lover. He nodded, moving his head down into my lap to copy Steve’s actions. For a brief moment I thought that we should move into the bedroom before we go much further but the sensations Derek was sending through my body made me forget what I was thinking about. I suddenly realized that my partner was matching the movements and speed of Peter’s partner, copying every movement exactly.
The other two were also watching us, both couples performing in unison, the thrill of knowing someone else was watching and copying our every move was sensational sending shivers down my spine as both of them speeded up. Peter put his hand around Steve’s head to control his movements so I did the same. The thing now was who was going to cum first? I was determined not to lose and could see Peter was thinking the same thing so it became an endurance race and I could feel myself losing, until I saw Peter tense up looking around the room, anywhere but his partners sucking. It was obvious both of us were thinking of anything we could except to blow our stack.
In my mind I was willing Peter to shoot his load because I couldn’t hold on much longer, then it happened Peter let out a yell of delight so with some relief I did the same, therefore we blew into our lovers throats at more or less the same time.
Both Derek and Steve swallowed everything we had and kept sucking until we both went slack.
When both our lovers pulled away from we all looked at each other and burst out laughing.
“Dad, that was fucking great.”
“What have I told you Peter about swearing? Yes it was great shouldn’t have happened but it did and it was great.”
“Sorry dad, I try not to but you know how it is sometimes.”
“Well I don’t know about you two boys but Derek and I are going to finish what we started in the privacy of our own room.”
“Dad, you’re a spoil sport.”
“Maybe, but goodnight to you two randy young lovers and we’ll see you in the morning.”
“Good night dads.”
I led Derek by the hand into our bedroom undressing him and he allowed me to do whatever I wanted to do to him, and I did.
It was about an hour later that we finally kissed and said goodnight. As always hanging on to each as we drifted into a happy contented sleep.
Next Morning Derek headed off to his design meeting and I took the boys to school and then spent the whole morning learning lines and working on some moves.
The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. Derek came home happy with the work done on the sets which would be delivered to Oxford on Tuesday next week. He also told me he’d spoken to Alex and the details of Ian’s job had been worked out including his salary and he would be my lover’s assistant, which suited us fine. I collected the boys from school while Derek cooked up a meal, after which he phoned Ian with the good news about his job, before we all headed for bed and an early night.
The following day was pretty much the same routine except we picked the boys up after school heading for home and our parents. We first of all took the boys to Steve’s parents. Kissing them goodbye, we arranged to meet them in a week’s time at the railway station in Oxford. After that we headed to Derek’s place to spend the night, planning to go to my mum’s the next day.

We were greeted with open arms because we don’t see my lover’s parents as much as my mother. After a delicious home cooked meal, (we really do miss them) we sat around the fire talking.
Derek mum wanted to know what was happening and she asked what was going on with Ian.
“Ian’s mum is a bit upset that she doesn’t see or hear from him as much as I do from you two. The other weekend when we all had dinner together he hardly spoke to her at all being too wrapped up in his new boyfriend Roland. They spent the night at home but she said they spent all that time in Ian’s bedroom and by the sound of it they made love day and night only coming out for something to eat now and then.”
We laughed and both agreed that Ian and Roland are very wrapped up in each other at the moment.
“What happened to HRH?”
She asked. “Well that’s all over thanks to his mother putting her foot down and insisting he looks around for some nice ‘gal’ to marry and have kids by. The powers that be played some dirty tricks making it impossible for them to continue in a relationship so it’s all over. He’s still paying the rent on the apartment and Roland moved in because he couldn’t afford where he was. The idea being that he would sleep in the spare room but I don’t think he spent one night there.’ I just hope that HRH doesn’t come back and Ian pushes Roland away.”
Then Derek went on to explain that he had got his old school mate a job with the company as his assistant so he could stay with his new lover.
“That’s wonderful we were always worried about Ian and what he was going to do for a living. The way things were with HRH he could almost be classified as a prostitute, with everything being paid by you know who. At least that was the way his mother looked at it and I was inclined to agree”
Derek asked if they wanted to go to the opening night in Oxford or wait till we went to the West End after Christmas.
His father answered this time which was unusual because he was a man of few words.
“We were thinking of waiting till you opened in the West End, but we also plan to go to Brighton for a week’s holiday so we can spend some time with you and the boys, plus we already spoke to your mum Cliff and she’ll be coming with us.”
“That’s great news; you can help keep the boys entertained if you want.”
“We’d love to, were’ looking at finding a nice small bed and breakfast place on or close to the seafront.”
“You’ll do no such thing, let us know what week you’ll be coming and we’ll book rooms for you at our hotel.”
“But you two are always paying for us, it must cost you a small fortune paying for all the things you do.”
“And what about all the money you and my mum forked out when we were at school?”
“Yes but, that was different.”
“Different, my foot, it’s just the same and while we have the money to pay for you all then that is what we want to do. Both of us have a nice income coming in at the moment and if all goes well that will continue for a few years to come. Bob our manager tells us that if the play fails, and there’s no reason why it should, he has so much work available for me that I will be gainfully employed for the next ten years at least.”
I went on to tell them that we were buying mum a small flat in Hastings close to her mother so that she can live comfortably on the pension and not have to work anymore.
Both of Derek’s parents began to get tears in their eyes as his mother said,
“You are two wonderful boys, so kind and loving. When you were on TV earlier this week it showed that you care not only for your own but for everyone, even those two ladies who were so rude to you all. Plus even on a small television screen the love you had for my Derek and those two boys shone through. When I went shopping yesterday just about every one I met sang your praises saying what a wonderful couple you were.”
“Well for a start, I think your exaggerating just to make us feel good.”
Derek’s father butted in,
“No she’s not, the same thing keeps happening to me at work, even people who don’t understand what being gay is all about, in fact some anti-gay people have also said they admire you and the way you talk.”
Derek gave me a cuddle as I started to blush and as I said to him later I think they put it on a bit heavy to make us feel good.
“The only regret I have with your relationship is that I won’t be a grandmother and the family name will die off when we go.”
Derek answered her,
“Don’t forget you have Peter, who while he won’t have my name but Cliff’s, I am still one of his parents, so really you are grandma and grandpa as far as he is concerned.”
They both smiled and agreed that was true, they love him just like any other grandparent.
Since we first came out to Derek’s parents and the problems we had with my father and Michael’s father we haven’t sat down and had a long chat with them.
They really are two wonderful understanding people who love us even though in this day and age our activities are illegal and against the law, but it was surprising the number of people who turn a blind eye.
Later that night when we went to bed both of us felt so much in love and while we did make love it was just that love between two young people who adored each other, as simple as that. Afterwards we fell asleep as we always do in each other’s arms.
Next morning we slept late and had brunch at about eleven before heading up the hill to see mum. She was so pleased to see us as always, plus she had some good news for us.
“My mother’s found a nice flat about ten minutes away from where she lives, it’s just a single bedroom but quite big enough for me and there is no garden to speak of.”
“That’s great news mum, what has to be done regarding paying for it and so on?”
“Well, it’s only a rental place so you don’t have to worry about forking out big money to buy it.”
“Mum, we said we’d buy you a place, but if you say its rental then we will give you the first years rent and when that’s gone we’ll pay another year how does that sound?”
“But you don’t have to keep spending your money like that on me; you might find you’ll need it for yourselves or to send Peter to university.”
“All that is taken care of so how much is the rent?”
She told us and Derek wrote a cheque out for that amount plus a couple of hundred pounds more to cover removal expenses. Derek usually handled the money side of our lives being the more level headed of the two of us.
I’d better point out at this stage that my two younger sisters had left school one was working away , while the other one was doing something radical for that era and living ‘in sin’ with her boyfriend.
We spent the day packing a few things into boxes. I still had a lot of my stuff hanging around which I arranged to be put into storage until we got back to London in March next year.
After breakfast the next day we went to church with mum before heading off to see the boys before we went back to London and then on Monday to Oxford. We all got just a little bit emotional saying goodbye to Peter and Steve, we were so close and hardly ever apart from them, still it was only for a week. After giving Peter the usual lecture about behaving himself, which embarrassed him to no end, we headed off to the train station and home.
That evening alone in our own apartment it was so quiet and depressing. We finished packing which for me entailed taking several suits because I would be doing a lot of interviews and would need to change for different photographs and television interviews. It doesn’t matter so much these days but did back then.
We were both too tired to do anything that night except kiss cuddle and say goodnight.
Next morning we met Ian and Roland at the train station grabbing a first class compartment all to ourselves for the two hour trip to Oxford.
On the way cuddling up to Derek I said,
“Well here we go on another adventure, which hopefully will make us a lot of money and very happy.”
“We already have a lot of money darling and also very happy, but we are both stepping up as far as our careers are concerned and that’s a bit scary.”

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as the two of them take their careers a step further.
No cliff hanger this time just the start of something new.
Once again I would love to hear from you regarding my stories and I will try and answer them if I can.
You will notice that I now have a new web site and shortly pictures of Cliff and Derek’s old school and photos of some of the characters along with bio’s will be posted. I hope you enjoy them.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy