Chapter 2


This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s
If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

Tea was ready by the time I got home and my mother wanted to know why I was so late. I told her I’d gone through some of my words for the upcoming play with my drama teacher Mr Worthington.
One of my smartass sisters said “I bet he was out with Gwen”.
“He couldn’t be” said my mum “because she came round here looking for him about half an hour ago”.
My heart skipped a couple of beats because I had told Gwen I would meet her after school to go over some of our homework. I was so engrossed in Derek I completely forgot about the girl who was my girlfriend.
“Is it alright of I go round to her place after tea mum?” I asked “Because
she was going to help me with my maths homework”.
“OK “mum said “But don’t be late home because it’s still a school day
Even though I was old enough to do more or less as I pleased, mum was the boss while I was under her roof and I respected her for that.
Just then dad came in from work and heard the last part of the
conversation. “I don’t think he should go out any more tonight. He spends
too much time gallivanting around the streets. He should be at home I want to start painting the attic and he could help me”.
My father didn’t like me and the feeling was mutual. I was three years old
before I knew him because he had been overseas fighting in world war 2 and to hear him talk you’d think he should have got the VC or something when I actual fact he was a pen pusher in stores who never fired a rifle in his life. To say he was a pompous ass was putting it mildly, plus we left the North of England because of his sexual antics with other guys wives. That all came to a head when a woman knocked on the door and when my mother answered she shoved a baby into mum’s arms and said this is your husband’s bastard son., I just thought you and the kids would like to see him.
Anyway I digress but that was what my father was like, while I loved my
mother dearly and she tried so hard to keep the family unit together and make sure we were well fed with a roof over our heads.

Straight after tea I got on my bike and pedalled round to see Gwen.
When she came to the door we went into the garden and I could tell she
wasn’t very happy with me.
“You were supposed to meet me after school” she said “Where were you?”
“I stayed behind to study my lines for the play”
I said not sounding too convincing. “I went looking for you and they said you’d gone up the track on the way home with Derek Driscoll, So what’s the truth?”
For once I was lost for words and being tired I could not for the life
think quick enough for a reply.
“You told me you loved me and that I was something special and that’s the only reason I let you make love to me”, she said with tears in her eyes.
“and I do” I lied putting my arms around her and giving her a kiss on the
“Oh Cliff I do love you”. she whispered and I knew that I would live
to have here another day.
“Why don’t we borrow the store room key at lunch tomorrow and spend an hour alone just you and me?”
Oh fuck I thought how am I going to get out of this one, because I had already told Derek that I would take him to the store room tomorrow.
“I can’t I have so many words to learn for this play, after all I am on stage for the whole performance except for about five minutes”
“Oh OK” she replied.
“But I want you real bad and I want you soon”
I then mentioned that it was getting late and I reminded her again that I
had a big day at school tomorrow followed by drama practise.
“OK” she said kissing me passionately on the lips. Now if she had done that a couple of days ago I would have had an instant erection and we would have finished up going at it like a couple of rabbits, but since my adventure with Derek all that had changed.
When I got home I had a quick bath (no showers in those days) and went to bed. I have slept in the nude (much to the disgust of my father) since I
was about seven and as soon as I was between the sheets my hand drifted
down to my hardening dick and of course my thoughts turned not to Gwen but my new love Derek. I started off by slowly wanking my cock and gradually speeding up until my hand and cock were out of control. I must have shouted Oh Derek or something like that just as I shot a big load all over my body and the sheets.
Just then the door flew open and my father stormed in.
“You dirty fuckin’ poofter bastard, who the hell is Derek?” he roared
“I don’t know” I stammered. “I was asleep so I must have been dreaming, anyway he’s a character in the school play and the words were going through my head”
I said by way of excuse. I thought to myself this play is getting me out of a lot of strife.
“A likely story, you’re turning into a fucking poofter, a Nancy boy, a shirt lifter”.
“No I’m not I shouted. If I was would I still be going out with Gwen?”
This stopped him in his tracks for a minute and has he started to go out of
the door he turned and said in a nasty mean voice
“If I found out you were a poof you’d never live under my roof again”.
After he had gone tears formed in my eyes and thought what this shouting
match would have done to my mother and why couldn’t my father understand that some of us are born different.
Next morning I was up early didn’t have time for my usual piss hard wank and didn’t want to because I wanted to be ready for my Derek.
The morning school session after assembly was pretty ordinary and boring and it was soon lunch time. I hurried off and got the key to the store room out of the school office without anyone seeing me and went in search of Derek.
He was waiting for me and luckily on his own outside the school dining
“We’d better not be seen going in to the store together so I’ll go first
and open up and you follow a couple of minutes later, but make sure no one sees you”.
He nodded and off I went hoping and praying that I wouldn’t
run into Gwen or any of her friends. Luckily I didn’t see a soul and got
into the store without any problems. I’d no longer closed the door when it
opened again and Derek entered. I locked the door behind him, taking him in my arms straight away.
“I have been waiting for this moment since we parted last night” I said as I quickly undid his shirt and pants rushing to undress him as quickly as possible. Soon he was naked and his massive dick was standing proud and heading skywards. I undressed in double quick time, and we went into each other’s arms.
“Oh Cliff I dreamt about this moment all last night” he whispered in my
“Please fuck me right now and fuck me hard and fast I want you to pound
into my arse with that gorgeous cock of yours” he pleaded.
“Lie down on your back I ordered”. He did and then I thought about
lubrication. Remember this was my first time with a guy and I wanted it to be special, plus I did not want to hurt this gorgeous specimen who I am
sure I was falling in love with.

“What about lubrication and stuff like that I muttered”.
“Don’t worry about that you’re not my first and by look of all that stuff
leaking out of your dick right now I don’t think it will be needed”.
I got down between his legs and pointed my throbbing cock at his lovely
pink hole which was eagerly waiting for me. I slowly and gingerly put the
tip of my cock against it and gently pushed. There was some resistance at
first and I felt Derek tense up slightly before he relaxed and told me to
start pushing all the way in. I did just that and the sensation of my cock
going right in up to the hilt was unbelievable. No girl could ever satisfy
me like my lover was right now.
“Fuck me, fuck me hard please” Derek whispered hoarsely and I began moving in and out faster and faster.
“Oh yes he groaned that’s it do it harder make me cum, give me a baby” those words shocked me at first but then they spurred me on to pump my dick into him faster and harder. The perspiration was running off me and dripping onto his chest as Derek started pumping his own dick in time with my actions. To put off cumming for as long as I could I kept thinking of other things and started going through the words for the school play but the urge to cum kept getting stronger and stronger until I yelled
“I’M CUMMING” and a strong stream of my juice was pumped into his
willing arse and at the same time he shot his load all over his chest and
face. With my cock still inside I leaned down and started licking his juice
off him and cleaning him up. Never had I experienced a climax like that.
I collapsed on top of him and we kissed for the first time that day I
could feel his love and emotion entering my body through his tongue.
Just then to spoil the magic of the moment we heard the school bell and
knew we would be late getting back to our classes.
We dressed quickly and headed for the door, as I opened it I felt someone
was on the other side and when I opened the door a bit more standing there looking decidedly unhappy was GWEN.
“What the hell are you two doing in there” Gwen screamed.
Derek went a deep red and I heard him mutter,
“Oh shit” or something similar.
I have always been noted as a quick thinker who would get by, by coming up with answers very quickly. My father always reckoned I would be a con man and a crook.
” Derek was helping me with my lines for the play” I answered quickly
” and we needed somewhere quite so I could concentrate”.
“But I thought I was going to help you with that” she said with the hint of
a tear forming in her eyes.
“Look Gwen, if we had gone into the storeroom together we wouldn’t have got much play reading done would we” and I winked at her and smiled.
A little voice whispered in my ear.
“you’re a smooth talking bastard Cliff”.
“Is this true Derek?” Gwen asked.
“You seem to be spending more time with him than me”. She continued,
“Well he did offer to help me and I am very grateful for that” I replied.
All this time Derek was grinning like a Cheshire cat and I thought Gwen
would get suspicious. By now we were late for class so I made the excuse
that we had to dash and before I disappeared around the corner I shouted
“See you later”. to both my girl and my lover.
After classes I went straight to the school hall for rehearsal and was
quite surprised to see Derek standing there with all the other members of
the cast and volunteers. Derek had never shown and interest at all in drama in the past. Mr Worthington our drama teacher did the usual welcome everybody ( he spoke with a bit of a lisp and at times acted quite effeminate and I thought he could be gay as well) He then told us that Derek had volunteered to join the team as a stage hand and we should all make him welcome. I must have been grinning from ear to ear because Derek came over to me and whispered ,
“You’re looking just a bit too pleased to see me so be careful”.
As he walked away he accidentally, on purpose I suspect brushed his hand against my crotch. I whispered back
“If you do that again I’ll be forced to sit down to avoid embarrassing myself”. he laughed as he walked away.
The rehearsal was well just that a rehearsal it went quite smoothly with
little dramas and Mr Worthington told me that he was very pleased with my performance but I really should try and learn my lines a bit quicker. I
couldn’t really tell him that I had an overactive sexy boy and girl friend
and learning lines had now taken second place.
Derek came up as we were getting ready to leave and said “
would you like me to walk home with you?”
“we haven’t got a lot of time” I answered,
“But it would finish off a perfect day”
We got our bikes and started walking up the track which was very dark with very few street lamps and as soon as we were out of site Derek took my hand and gave it a little squeeze. A bit further on into the wooded part of the pathway he said
“Let’s just stop for a while and talk, I have something I want to talk to you about”
My heart almost stopped beating because the first thing I thought was he’s
going to dump me, tell me he didn’t want to be my lover anymore.
We found a quite spot and stopped, we couldn’t sit down because it had been raining and the ground was wet so we stood with Derek leaning against a tree.
I put my arms around him and kissed him gently on the lips, slowly our lips parted and our tongues entered and explored our willing mouths. This was a loving tender kiss not a thrust and parry I want to fuck you kiss if you get what I mean. Derek broke off and said quietly
“I have something to say so please don’t say anything until I have finished” Once again I got that feeling of doom which you get when you think something terrible is going to happen.
I could barely get the words out.
“What do you want to talk about”.
“I said yesterday that I had yearned for you for a long time, in fact ever
since I saw you on the first day of school. These last couple of days have
been heaven for me and I hope for you. Cliff I love you dearly in fact I love you so much that words can’t describe how I feel right now. I hope and pray that you feel the same way about me but if you don’t I will understand and I’ll walk away”. I could see tears forming in his eyes and I also felt choked up and I started sobbing.
“Oh Derek you can’t for one minute imagine how happy that makes me because I love you too and want to spend my whole life with you”.
We hugged each other tightly and the tears started flowing down both our
“I was hoping that would be the answer” He said between sobs.
“Hold me tight and don’t let me go” he begged.
I began kissing him and kissed all his tears away. I nuzzled into his neck
and nibbled his ear lobes before moving back to his lips and kissing him
long and deep.
It was Derek who broke the clinch and spoke
“There is one thing” he said.
“I like sex and need it all the time. I have had and still have several
fellows that I fuck and get fucked by regularly. But believe me that is
just for sexual gratification and nothing else”
I thought about this for a minute and the longer I stayed silent I could see Derek getting more and more worried.
“You do understand don’t you?”
“Yes, but I’m worried that you might find someone else and I will lose you, and I don’t want to do that I stand by what I just said I want you for
“And you will have me for as long as you want me, I truly love you and no one else”. I then said something which I thought I would never say.

“Is it OK my love if I also have other boys?”
“of course but remember the both of us together come first”. At this I burst out laughing and Derek said
“what did I say that was so funny”.
“Well I hope that we both cum together but if you want to be first that’s OK by me”.
“You shitead ” he said laughing along with me.
“Don’t forget”
I said
“we must still make sure we have girlfriends so that others don’t get suspicious”.
“Yes and there’s nothing to stop us fucking them now and again as long as you keep thinking about me while you’re doing it”.
Once again we both burst out laughing and after another quick kiss, hug and grope we broke off and headed for home because by now it was getting very late and I would have some explaining to do when I got home.
When we got further up the path were Derek went one way and I the other we kissed goodnight and arranged to meet tomorrow just before morning assembly.
When I got home it was just on ten O’clock and my mother was waiting for me the minute I opened the door.
“Your very late” she said,
“I was beginning to get worried”.
“We had a long hard rehearsal” I told her.
“You must be starving. I’ve saved you some tea but it will be a bit dried up in the oven by now”.
I then realized that I had nothing to eat since morning break and that was a few hours ago except of course for Derek’s love juice at lunchtime.
“I could eat a horse mum along with the jockey and saddle” I told her.
Dad was in the kitchen and of course he had his usual dig at me.
“You should have more consideration for your mother after she has been
slaving over a hot stove and you stay out late so her food is ruined”.
“Its OK dad I don’t mind and after all he is at school improving himself”.
Inwardly I laughed to myself because the only improving I did today was how to fuck my lover better.
” I still think he should show more consideration for his parents” dad
I ate my tea very quickly just to get away from him kissed mum and said
good night before heading off to bed and an almighty wank thinking about the man who I hoped would be my life long lover.

Hope you are enjoying my story If you would like to communicate with me and add any comments please do so. I will endeavour to answer all my e mails. trevorvj@

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy