Chapter 3

Adventures of Cliff

Chapter 3

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader

to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up

in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your

part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I Slept like a log and had a weird and memorable dream. I dreamt that I was in the woods fucking my girlfriend Gwen and while I was screwing her Derek had his beautiful cock up my arse. Sadly it was only a dream but when I woke up I had the most incredible hard on and made a dash to the bathroom and started masturbating like mad before I forgot the dream. Thinking about it made me so hot that when I shot my load it came with such force that it shot right across the bathroom and hit the opposite wall.

I started to wipe the walls down as my father banged on the door and told me to stop puling my dick and get a move on because he had to go to work.

I hate it when he is right.

After a quick breakfast I hurried off and got to school early but Derek was already waiting at the school gates for me. He smiled that irresistible sexy smile as he said

“Hello lover”.

First making sure there was no one in earshot.

“Hello yourself”

I replied.

“did you sleep well?”

“Like a log and I dreamt about you all night long I think”. “Me too”

I replied and I then told him of my dream. Before I had finished telling him I could see the bulge in his groin beginning to grow and I pointed it out to him suggesting that we go

somewhere a bit less public before we both embarrass ourselves.

We went into the senior toilets, no one was around so we chose a cubicle down the far end near the wall and squeezed in. As soon as the door was closed and locked we grabbed each with some urgency our tongues going deep into each other’s throats while we rubbed our bodies together feeling the heat from each other’s dick through our school uniforms.

We broke off and Derek whispered

“I love you Cliff more than you can ever imagine”

“Me too”

I replied.

“Everything I said last night about wanting you to be

my partner for life was true” I added.

We clung to each other for what seemed like ages but was only a few minutes because then the bell went for morning assembly and we had to pull ourselves reluctantly apart.

As we were walking out of the toilet Derek said,

“That dream you had with Gwen and me do you think it will ever come true”.

“I doubt it, Gwen would never be in anything like that it was several months before we French kissed and just as long after that before I was able to feel her tits and I only got to fuck her because I threatened to dump her”

“You’re an arshole Clifford Steele, and I love you for it” Derek laughed.

Today was Friday and with the weekend coming up I started to wonder what we could do and were we could go for some time on our own.

“Any ideas for the weekend”

I asked. Derek looked sideways at me and with that cheeky sexy grin he had which always got my cock twitching he said

“Well I do have a couple of ideas which might work, but we haven’t time now so I will talk to you at lunchtime”

“Don’t forget I also have to find time for Gwen otherwise she will get even more suspicious than she already is”

“And I suppose I’ll have to see my latest Patricia Gooding” Derek pointed out.

“We’ll sort it out at lunchtime”

I said as we parted and went into assembly. It was my turn to lead morning prayers so I was needed on stage plus being Friday the choir was singing.

As usual when you wanted time to go quick it dragged and it seemed an age till the bell finally rang for lunchbreak.

As I was making my down to the dining room to catch up with cliff I spotted Gwen and some of her friends heading my way so I ducked out into the playground and ran through a back door into the school kitchen. Of course the head cook Brenda screamed and shouted to me to piss off out of her kitchen and I blew her a kiss as I ran past. Brenda was in her late 20′s

and single. Not long after we went back to school at the start of the new year a couple of my mates David and Jonathon I think it was, bet me that I couldn’t chat Brenda up and talk her into having a fuck. Well I can never pass a dare like that up and not being one to skite, it took me about 15 minutes of sexy talk and personal charm to have Brenda in the kitchen

storeroom with her knickers round her ankles and me screwing her over a big sack of spuds. The only problem she kept wanting a repeat performance so I palmed her off on to some of my heterosexual mates and that keeps her off my back.

Any way I went into the dining room and looked around for Derek and found im near the door with Ian talking to him with Derek looking out of the door obviously watching out for me.

I quietly walked up behind him and whispered in his ear

“Hello lover”

“How the fuck did you get in here” he said.

“Never mind that now what have you got in mind for the weekend”.

Derek looked at Ian and they both grinned.

“Well for the past couple of years we have had a secret sort of sex club for guys ” he said

“oh yeah” I replied the thought going through my head what kind of bull is this.

“There’s about seven of us at the moment including sexy Ian here”.

At this remark I noticed Ian starting to blush like crazy and I realised that he was a bit on the shy side.

“Anyway we meet most nights when we can get away and over the weekend. Not all of us are usually there at the same time but some one’s usually doing something to someone “.

“Shit that sounds horny, were do you meet?”

We have a very private and secret location and sometime over the weekend I’ll take you there”.

He said with that sexy grin which sends me crazy.

“On Saturday mornings I usually have to do some work at home to help mum and keep dad off my back”

Both Derek and Ian nodded and said

“me too”

“Sunday morning we all go to church and we meet up with Gwen and her parents afterwards with us two normally taking a little walk in the woods if the weather is good and our parents allow us”

Derek said

“my family don’t go to church,so I usually sleep in late and

then while you’re busy with Gwen I could go round and see Patricia and keep her happy.”

“So that’s settled then I’ll see you at one o’clock but where?” I said.

“You know the sports ground just off Downs road?”

Derek said. I nodded in the affirmative

“Meet me by the cricket pavilion”.

“Sounds good to me but do you have to run off home straight after school today?”

I asked with a cheeky grin on my face.


said my lover,

“What did you have in mind, as if I don’t know”

I looked at Ian and he was grinning from ear to ear and blushing at the same time. It was agreed that the two of us would meet after school and see what happened after that.

Just then I had a brainwave and said

“Why don’t we wag school this afternoon, being a Friday I for one won’t be missed. If I tell my English teacher that I have to go down to the horticulture area and tell Mr Jefferson that I have English to do this afternoon. The one will think that

I am with the other. Why don’t you try and pull the same stunt?”

Derek laughed and said

“you’re the most cunning devious bastard I’ve ever met. Come on let’s go”.

We said goodbye to Ian promising to meet up with him and the rest of the gang tomorrow afternoon and 30 minutes later after we had established our alibi’s we were on our bikes pedalling like mad for the woods.

We found our usual spot and for once the grass was dry and the day was quite warm. Dumping our bikes we fell into each other arms and began kissing and tonguing like crazy. We both had immediate erections trying to escape from our pants and as I undid Derek’s shirts and trousers he was doing the same to me without letting our lips break apart.

I moaned,

“oh baby I love you so much it hurts”

“Cliff don’t ever leave me please”.

Derek replied

“Without you I don’t think I want to live anymore”.

When he said that he startled me a bit and I moved my face back and looked him in the eye

“For goodness cut out that kind of talk it scares me”.

We locked lips again and slowly sank to the ground.

“Did you know 69 is my favourite number”,

he mumbled and that cheeky grin spread all over his face


“mine too”

I whispered, breaking away from his luscious lips I

gradually moved down his body kissing his chin, chest, nibbling his nipples (which by now were so erect I thought they would burst) then nuzzling into his dark curly pubic hair before reaching his straining cock and slowly taking it into my eager mouth. Of course my lover was also busy doing

pretty much the same sort of thing to me.

We both started slowly sucking each other’s poles taking them deep down into our throats with our lips making contact with hair and balls. Derek moved his hand down between my legs and began gently massaging my balls, so of course I followed suit. Gradually we increased our pace and the sensations going through my body were like nothing I had ever had before. It was then that I realised the difference there was between just

having sex and making love. The feeling of being so close and intimate with someone you love dearly was indescribable and if it was at all possible my love for this young man, my lover was becoming greater and greater. Derek put his other hand on the back of my neck and began speeding up my sucking of his cock so naturally I followed suit. He then started humming

as his mouth moved up and down my cock faster and faster and the vibrations and movements where driving me crazy. I began moaning and my body was jerking out of control I then realised Derek’s was too. Suddenly his cock grew in my mouth and I knew it was time for him to shoot his load. Just in time I clamped my mouth fully over his cock and his juice shot out of his dick and straight down my throat. This sensation was enough

to set me right off as well and I sent about five or six thick spurts of my love juice into his more than eager mouth. By now we were both panting for breath and I felt completely drained.

Derek moved his mouth away from my totally spent cock and moved up until he was facing me. He looked into my eyes grinned and tenderly kissed me.

“I think I love you even more if that is possible” he quietly said.

“Me too, I can no longer describe the love I have for you it is unbelievable”. I whispered in return.

We dozed off in each other’s arms totally spent but very much in love.

I awoke with a start. It was getting dark as the sun was now setting on the horizon and I heard voices coming our way.

I shook Derek and said

“Quick get dressed someone’s coming”.

we hastily put our clothes on as the voices got louder and louder. I thought I recognize those voices.

“Fucking hell I said it’s my two sisters they’ll be on their

way home from school”.

We both dived deeper into the bushes so we wouldn’t be seen as my two siblings got closer. Suddenly I heard my older sister Cassandra say

“Isn’t that bike our Cliff’s?’


Derek whispered we forgot the bloody bikes.

“What are we going to do now?”

“Fucked if I know”

By now panic was setting in because I knew for sure they

would tell my father as soon as they got home.

“Yes that’s his bike”

My younger sister Jenny said

“But who’s is the other bike? it’s not Gwen’s so he’s not with her”.

“I don’t know”

Said Cassandra

“but it’s a boys bike, I wonder where they are and what they are doing?”.

“I bet their up to no good anyway”

Jenny added.

“Just wait till we tell Dad about this”.

At that moment I’m sure my heart stopped beating for a few seconds as my mind conjured up the strife and trouble which would be waiting for me when I got home.

Just then Derek whispered,

“stay here and leave this to me.”

He disappeared from view moving around to the other side of the girls and then jumping out on them. Both girls screamed and Derek said

“hello girls you didn’t come across your brother on the way up here did you?”


They chorused.

“Well if you see him tell him I’ve found our bikes will


Jenny said

“Ye, Yes but what do you mean”.

” You know that big bully Chris Featherstone and his gang, well they took our bikes after breaking the padlock and chains off and we have been looking for them for ages but I see you two found them which is great”. My names Derek by the way and I know you are Cliff’s sisters because I have seen you around. Anyway thanks for finding our bikes, Cliff went off in

a different direction so I’m not sure where he is would you like to take his bike home for him and if I see him before you I’ll tell him what happened”.

This left my two sisters speechless and disappointed but they picked up my bike and headed for home.

When they were out of site I came out of hiding and gave my lover a big kiss and a cuddle.

“This just goes to show that I’m not the only smooth talking

bastard in this partnership”. Derek just smiled kissed me and said

“See you tomorrow”.

I hope you are enjoying my story. Your comments are most welcome and I will try and reply to each one

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  • john etherton says:

    you use “cliff” in the wrong spot. Cliff is suppose to be telling he story. This is in Chapter 3 as Cliff is on his way to meet Derek in the cafeteria.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy