Chapter 8

Adventures of Cliff

Chapter 8

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up

in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to

understand what I am talking about.

At school the next day I told Derek about my father and his fucking of the school whore, Sarah.

“He’s not a very nice man his he?”

Derek said.

“that’s putting it mildly”

I replied. I went on to tell him how I was ready to kill him last night and how Gwen gave me an incredible blow job to calm me down, but I was quick to add that it was not as good as his.

Derek laughed and said

“Thank goodness for that. Will we be able to get

away together at all today?”

“I don’t think so I have a full day of classes

and we have a big rehearsal tonight. We might be able to have a quickie after that”

I said with a cheeky grin on my face.

“Well that will have to do”

Said Derek looking most unhappy.

“Never mind just remember I love you dearly and everything cums to those who wait”

We both laughed and went off to classes.

The day went quite well until just after lunch in Geography when Michael Jefferson the class bully was sitting behind me and remarked

“Did you know Cliff’s father is a bigger stud than he is”.

I turned in my seat and said,

“What did you say”?

“You heard, your father prefers younger girls to your


I jumped up knocking over my chair and desk reached out and grabbed him with my left hand by his shirt pulling him up and with my right hand I smashed him in the face. He was so surprised he wasn’t expecting it and fell backwards onto the desk behind him.

Miss Marsden the geography teacher came rushing up and at the same Gwen who was sitting over the other side of the room came and grabbed my hand shouting “No Cliff he isn’t worth it”.

Miss Marsden grabbed my other arm and pulled me away. “Outside NOW Steele, and wait for me”.

Gwen put her arm around me and took me outside while Miss Marsden checked on Michael who was lying on his back moaning, groaning and holding his hands to his face.

Outside Gwen asked me what brought that on

“He said nasty things about my father but worse of all brought my mother into it and nobody says anything about my mother and lives”.

At that I burst into tears and Gwen took me in

her arms and began hugging me. Miss Marsden came out and said

“Come with me I have no option but to take you to the headmaster”.

“Gwen can you make sure a couple of the boys take Michael Jefferson down to the sick bay so the nurse can check his injuries I think it’s his pride which is hurt more than his body”.

As we were walking to the headmasters office Miss Marsden said to me

“What brought that on? I have never even heard you raise your voice to anyone.  And to hit someone I never thought I would see the day when you would do

that. What did he say to make you lose your temper like that”.

“He made a remark about my mother and no one ever says anything about my mother and gets away with it”. I told her.  After saying this I burst into tears again and Miss Marsden who is a grandmotherly type probably in her late 50′s put her arm around me and comforted me telling me to stop crying and compose myself for a meeting with Mr Garth the headmaster.

We reached his office and Miss Marsden told me to sit on a chair outside his office while she knocked on the door and went in.

I sat there for about five minutes feeling sorry for myself and wondering what fate awaited me on the other side of that closed door. The door eventually opened and miss Marsden told me to go in while she

returned to the classroom. Mr Garth was a very stern faced man who I always found strict but fair.

“Sit down Cliff”

This surprised me because he very rarely called any

Student by his first name. I sat and must have had a very worried look on my face because he then said “Don’t look so worried. I know the attack you made on Jefferson is a punishable offence and by rights I should suspend you, but I suspect there are mitigating circumstances”.

What you did I believe is totally out of character, so tell me what happened to make you take the action you did, and I want the truth”.

“Well sir, Jefferson made a very nasty remark about my mother and I’m sorry but I just blew my top. I have never ever done anything like that before but no one degrades my mother sir”.

“I understand that but you haven’t quite told me everything have you?”

“Yes sir that’s about what happened”.

“Cliff , I have also heard the rumour about your father and a certain girl at this school”

When he said those words I could feel the colour draining from my face and tears began running down my cheeks. Mr Garth handed me his handkerchief to dry my tears and he came round from behind his desk sitting next to me and putting his arm around my shoulder.

“Please calm down, while we discuss this”

he said.  I don’t for the life of me what made me think it but with his arm round me I started to think and wonder how big a cock he had. I shuddered and said

to myself for fucks sake Cliff put thoughts like that right out of your head. After all Mr Garth was a married man with a couple of kids.

“I’m truly sorry sir to cause all this trouble. I just lost control at his remark”.

“Do you get on well with your father?”  

he asked.

“No sir, he is a horrible man gives all of us a hard time especially my mother” .

“I’m not sure what course of action to take regarding the rumour I heard, which I am sure is more than just a rumour”.

“Yes sir, I guess it’s true”.

“By rights I should report this to the police and that is what I was going to do”.

“I would rather you didn’t sir it would ruin our family and my two sisters and my career prospects, plus we would have to leave the district”.

“Which you would not want because of your friendship with Gwen”.

I looked at him with a surprised look on my face.

He had a slight grin on his face when he said

“Oh yes not much happens at this school without me knowing. Including the use of the spare storeroom”. The look on my face was enough to set him off laughing this time.

“Oh yes I know all about that too, Don’t forget I was your age once and most of the antics you get up to I invented. Just be careful and take precautions”.

With these remarks I began to see stern faced Mr Garth in a different light. He was human after all.

“Now what about your father?”

He asked.

“For the time being sir could you please leave it to me. I intend to make sure he is punished, but I would like to do it my way. Hopefully I will be able to keep our family together”.

“All right, but keep me informed of what is happening. Now I will have to talk to Jefferson and it still may mean that you will have to be punished

in some way. Maybe I should have the storeroom lock changed”

He added with a grin.

“Now run along but don’t go back to your class for the rest of the day. Go see Mr Waddington about the play. I hear on the grapevine that you are very

good and have a very demanding part. I’m sure you will do the job very well you have a talent in that field. Anyway the two evening shows are a sell-out.”

I left his office feeling much better than when I went in and couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful headmaster he was. On the way to Mr Waddington’s class room I met Derek coming towards me with

a very worried look on his face.

“What the fuck happened”

He asked

“it’s all around the school that you beat up Michael Jefferson and put him in hospital”.

I laughed and said

“it wasn’t quite as bad as that but I did give him what he deserved”.

“Why what happened”

I went on to tell him about

the remarks he made especially about my mother and I then told him how Mr Garth surprised me with his comments and how he knew all about my father with the school slut and also how he knew we used the storeroom but did nothing about it.

“Wow what a great guy”

Was all Derek could say. He then put his arm around

me and guided me down the corridor.

“What are doing?”

“Nothing just come with me you need a bit of TLC”

He added as he led me into the senior toilets and down to the end cubicle. As soon as the door was closed he took me in his arms kissing me then nibbling my ears and kissing me again his tongue entering between my lips seeking out my tongue. Slowly his hand moved down my body halting briefly to caress my nipples through my shirt before continuing down to slowly rub

my by this time rampant cock.

“I love you Cliff Steele, I can’t bear to see you hurt. When your hurt I’m hurt too and I want to kiss away that hurt”.

I moved my hands down his body as well and released his cock from his pants and with both our cocks free we began rubbing them against each other’s while kissing and nibbling each other. We both began humping each other our swollen dicks rubbing harder and faster against each other until our cocks stiffened and a climax from both of us was inevitable. We spurted together our lips and cocks locked against each other in a massive orgasm which left us both breathless.

“That was incredible oh Derek I do love you so much”.

I moaned.

“And I love you too and always will”

He replied. Then he laughed and said

“What are we going to do about this mess?”

I looked down and our shirts, trousers and undies were covered in love juice.

“Hell we’ve got rehearsal coming up soon we’ll have to try and clean ourselves up the best we can”.

We started cleaning ourselves up the best way we could and Derek said.

“I know a guy who works at a chemist and I think I might have an idea to get back at your dad”.


“Just leave it to me while I make a few enquiries “. Following that statement he gave one of his cheeky grins followed by a wink and left me wondering what devious scheme he was hatching now. We made our way to the drama classroom and I then had to go over the days happenings to Mr Waddington. He too was surprised at Mr Garth’s words although he admitted that the storeroom antics was one of the worst kept

secrets at the school with all the teaching staff aware of what went on. Derek and I were both stunned at that revelation.

“Anyway come on we have a lot of work to do before we go home tonight”

He said We made our way to the school hall and onto the stage were the rest of the cast where beginning to assemble. Derek with a smirk on his face said

 “You still haven’t practised the final scene at the very end when you have to kiss Muriel Wembley”.

Now Muriel is a shy rather plain girl almost certainly still a virgin who would probably run a mile if a boy tried to kiss her and the thought of me kissing her on stage in front of everybody I also found a bit daunting.

“I’m a professional actor Derek; a little kiss won’t be any bother to me”.

“Oh yea. Then why haven’t you practised it before now then?

He said.

“Well. I don’t know”

I stammered unable to think up a valid excuse on the

spur of the moment.

“Just imagine it’s me your kissing”

He said with a laugh.

“If I did that I’d finish up fucking her right then and there”

I said laughing.

“She might be grateful for that too. Maybe you’d better be thinking about giving your mum a goodnight kiss”

he added.  Mr Waddington called us all around and said that tonight we would go right through from start to finish and include all the set changes and everything so the stage hands would also get the practise. All things considered the rehearsal went well right through to the end when it came time for the KISS. Even that wasn’t bad although Muriel was

trembling but I just gave her a nice gentle kiss on the lips as the curtains closed.

“That was a bit tame”

Derek whispered to me when we had finished.

“I might have to give you some lessons”

he said with that grin on his face.

“Anytime you want to baby”.

I did notice that the rest of the cast throughout the play treated me gently and no smart comments or remarks were made and no one made reference to the incident earlier on in the day.

Mr Waddington was very pleased with the way everything went reminding us that tomorrow Friday Morning was a full dress rehearsal in front of the

whole school with our first main show that night at 7.30 pm.

The teaching staff had made sandwiches and there was cake and soft drink as well so everyone tucked in. I didn’t eat anything. Just before a big show

like this I always found I couldn’t eat. I never get nervous or have butterflies in the stomach but I can’t eat anything. So Derek said

“We might as well leave early and I’ll walk you home”. There was that grin again and I knew exactly what he meant.

So we said goodbye to Mr Waddington who gave me and Derek a little wink and told us to go straight home and get some sleep. We just laughed and headed

for the bike racks.

“Oh no”

said Derek

“look who’s waiting for us”.

Standing by our bikes was Michael Jefferson and a couple of his cronies.

“Well look who we have here Mr Steele and his boyfriend Derek, off for a cuddle in the dark are we”.

I stopped in my tracks but Derek kept walking.

“Why are you jealous do you want a piece of the action as well”.

Derek said. I thought shit what was he doing they’ll put two and two together if he’s not careful.

“What do you mean a piece of the action”

Michael said.

“I’m no poof”.

Derek with an evil grin on his face said

“Well that’s not what we heard”.

“What did you hear? Nothing like that I’m fuckin sure”.

“If you want to know the full story. I heard that you three have regular fuck sessions not with girls but each other”.

“That’s fuckin bullshit and you know it”.

“Is it? You prove it otherwise I know that everyone will take our word over yours any day”.

He stopped and you could see he was thinking about those words.

“You wouldn’t really say that would you?”

this time with a pleading scared tone coming into his voice.

“it depends”

Derek said.

“On what?”

“you stop bullying and making snide remarks and tell no more stories about Cliff’s father, in fact you can tell everybody that it was all a pack of lies”.

“But it was true Sarah told me”.

“That doesn’t matter you tell it how I said you had to and no more would be said about your sexual activities with your wank buddies”.

I marvelled how my lover kept talking quietly and convincingly.

“Now piss off and let us go home but remember if we hear anymore whispers about anything relating to Cliff and I then the whole school will know that

you and your so called friends are homosexuals, understood”.

Michael nodded his head and mumbled a yes before heading off up the road with his buddies in tow.

“Jesus you were pretty cool there”

I said.

“Well I think it’s solved our problem”.

“But what if it doesn’t what you said about them isn’t true so if they do play up and say things there’s not really anything we can do because we won’t have any facts to back up what we said”.

“I think we’ve called their bluff and we won’t hear anything else from our dear friend Michael”.

“After all it worked with Patricia when we accused her of being a lesbian.  Why not with that jerk?”

“Come on hurry up”

He added.

“I want to feel your prick up my ass”.

We arrived in double quick time at our favourite spot in the woods and undressed quickly. Derek grabbed hold of my cock and began stroking it to its full length. He then laid on his back with his legs pulled apart and up in the air.

“Now fuck me and fuck me good”.

He commanded.

“Yes sir straight away sir”

I answered laughing and at the same time aiming

my cock for his beautiful pink hole. I pushed straight in all the way and Derek gave a little yelp of pain but then he relaxed and luxuriated in the

feel of my cock inside his cute arse up to the hilt.

“Now fuck hard please, I want to feel your cum filling me up”

“Yes sir right away sir”

I replied yet again.

“Stop mucking around and screw me”

And I did. Pounding my cock in and out of his hole drawing it out to the helmet and then ramming it back in.

“oh fuck yes do me harder and harder cum in my guts give me a baby”.

I was surprised yet again at those words it was the second time he’d said that, I speeded up and knew it would not be long now before I reached my climax. I

could feel his cock slapping against my stomach and his legs were now right around my neck while his hands were on my arse pulling me further and further into him. Finally I gasped “

I’m cumming I can’t hold off any longer”

Derek urged me to cum and I did sending wave after wave of hot

juice right up into his bowels. I then felt his stickiness on my chest and knew that he was finished as well. We collapsed in a heap kissing and groping each other.

Derek spoke first

“That was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you, Thank

you, thank you ”

as he nuzzled into my neck .

” That’s OK it was great for me too. By the way have I ever told you that I love you”.

He laughed and said “You might have and have I told you that but I love you even more”.


I replied.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while and I started to feel my eyelids closing.

“It think we’d better get going before we fall asleep”

I said. Derek agreed with me. We got dressed and after a quick kiss and cuddle we said our goodnights before heading for home and a good night’s sleep after a very

emotional ,adventurous day with another one coming up tomorrow.

Please any comments will be most welcome I will try and answer every one

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy