Chapter 9

Adventures of Cliff

Chapter 9

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to

understand what I am talking about.

Up and early to school today (Friday), first off there was a performance of the play for the whole school and then another performance tonight. After

assembly I had to go straight into costuming for my outfit which was 16th.century. The play was a classic Moliere French comedy roughly translated “The Prodigious Snob’ which was me. I kept thinking that I would have little time with my lover although I would see him during the play because he was a stage hand.

From costume it was off make up and by 10 am the whole school were waiting for curtain up. I think I mentioned before that I was on stage for the whole

two hours of the play except for about 8 minutes or so. Soon I was ready waiting in the wings, when Derek came up behind and started rubbing his hands up and down my bum.

“If you keep that up I’ll make a mess of my costume” I told him. He laughed and said

“I would love to kiss and make love to you right now”. I laughed and replied

“You’ll smudge my makeup dear”.

John Waddington my drama teacher came up and whispered

“Will you two sexpots stop it and concentrate on the play. Bruce and I are going away on Saturday night straight after the play and won’t be back till Monday morning. Would you guys like to make use of the house?”

Derek said

“Would we ever, but can we include Ian as well?”

“OK “.

He replied,

“But no one else, understood?”

“Yes sir”.

We replied. Derek whispered in my ear

“Do you think you could arrange for a sleepover at my place and I’ll tell my folks the same about you and hope they don’t meet up”.

“Great idea”

Then it was show time. Everything went real well with the school enjoying every minute and laughing in all the right places. The final scene came up when I had to kiss Muriel as the curtain closed. I got Muriel into a clinch and our lips touched. Then she took me totally by surprise because her tongue began parting my lips and soon it was half way down my throat. I

reciprocated and did the same and soon we were snogging like crazy and I could tell Muriel was starting to like it. The kiss went on and on and I

thought the curtains should be closing by now. I glanced into the wings and there was Derek his hands on the curtain rope pissing himself laughing and

making no attempt to close the curtains. By now the whole school was on its feet cheering and applauding the act happening on stage. Finally Derek decided enough was enough and the curtain closed to the yells of encore from the rest of the school.

The only thought going through my head was ‘I’ll fuckin kill him.’

With the curtain closed we broke apart and Muriel blushed a deep red before running off. I followed and the curtain opened again for the encore. Of course Muriel and I were on last and as we came out we got a standing ovation, not for the play but for the kiss.

When the curtain closed for the last time I made a bee line for Derek and he was still laughing about the kiss.

“You prick”.

I said

“I’ll get you for that”.

“Yes please”,

He replied.

“After the debriefing with Mr Waddington we might check out a storeroom”.

I said with a grin.

Mr W called us all to him and congratulated us all on a brilliant performance informing us that we had to be back for costumes and make up at 5.30 PM for a 7.30 start. Has everyone was dispersing Mr W said what are you two boys going to do.

“We thought of the store room”,

I said.

“Do your parents know that you are not going home?”

We both nodded and said yes.

“Instead of the storeroom do you want to come home with me?”

I looked at Derek and he had that sexy grin so I knew what is reply was. I said yes and off we went.

John Waddington’s partner, Bruce had come along to see the show this morning so he was with us as well in John’s car.

Derek on the way to the car he nudged me and whispered in my ear

” Do you reckon we could seduce these two”.

I smiled and nodded. We arrived at our drama teachers home the one he shared with the gorgeous Bruce and went inside. John made us all a cup of coffee and we sat around the kitchen table I was next to Bruce and Derek next to John Waddington. I could see Derek’s hand going down and onto John’s leg so I followed

suit. Both men looked surprised but did not push our hands away. I slowly moved my hand up towards Bruce’s groin and still no effort was made to stop me and although I couldn’t see under the table I guess my lover was doing the same to John.

I reached the bulge in Bruce’s pants and it had already began to grow so I slowly began rubbing my hand up and down his growing member.

He gave a little groan as he lifted his hips to press harder against my hand. John looked over at his partner and said,

“His this really happening?”.

Bruce nodded his head and said


John relied

“We should stop this now, we could both get into big trouble”.

I spoke up and said

“We all know what we want plus I promise you Derek and I won’t tell and I’m sure you two won’t.”

Nothing more was said and Bruce’s hand moved down to caress my cock which was now a solid staff sticking out stretching my pants to the limit. It was John who broke the silence saying

“Let’s go into the bedroom and get more comfortable”.

We quickly moved into John & Bruce bedroom which had a massive bed in it and satin sheets. Bruce turned to me and our lips locked in an embrace with our tongues chasing each other around our mouths. I know I told Rama that my lips were for my lover only but quite frankly at this point my emotions were out of

control.  We began undressing each other and the other two I noticed were doing the same. When we were completely naked Bruce pushed me back onto the bed and fell on top of me with our cocks rubbing against each other. I noticed he had about seven inches of uncircumcised cock not too thick, but looking perfect to me. His mouth began moving down my body nipping at my nipples and making them stand up hard and erect. He kissed me all the way down to my throbbing dick where he licked the precum from the tip before going down to gently take one ball at a time and roll it gently in his mouth. I dearly wanted him to suck my cock but he was obviously going to take his time. He slowly licked my cock from the base up to the tip driving me crazy and I was willing him to take it into his mouth. Slowly he took the head into his mouth his teeth just below the helmet. I lifted my hips off the bed trying to get more into his mouth but he just grinned slowly moving his mouth down the full length of my cock. I groaned and begged him to go faster but he continues this slow wanking of

my cock with his mouth.

“please Bruce go faster make me cum”,

I implored but he took no notice but continued slowly moving his mouth up and down my member. I was totally out of control by this time putting my hands on his

head and pushing while I rubbed them through his lovely curly hair.

I felt his hand moving between my legs and I spread them a bit more to allow him access as he slowly pushed a finger into my hole. The effect was incredible and I knew I was getting close to cumming.

Over on the other side of the bed I could hear similar sounds and out of the corner of my eye I could see Derek sucking on John’s massive pole and humming at the same time. Bruce inserted another finger into my willing arse and then he began speeding up his mouth fucking keeping pace with his fingers going in and

out of me. The sensations going through my body I just can’t describe, it was the best ever. I reached the point when I couldn’t hold back any longer and my whole body stiffened as I sent wave after wave of hot spunk down Bruce’s throat. He clamped his mouth tight over my cock so as not to spill a single drop. His fingers slowly left my hot hole and he whispered

“are you ready for my cock?”.

I nodded as he took his mouth from my softening cock, kissed me and I could taste my own sweet salty juice in his mouth. Next he pushed my legs up and apart before pointing his 7 inch cock at my willing hole. He had a lot of precum on his cock wich he smeared down his shaft for lubrication, before gently pushing in. I winced a bit with the pain and Bruce said sorry, did I want him to stop. I replied with a grin to cover up the initial pain.

“Not in a million years”.

He pushed in a bit further and found the spot which sent me into heaven and began slowly moving back and forth in my willing hole.

I then realised that John was on his back next to me with Derek ploughing into his arse. John looked at me with smile and moved his face closer so we could kiss. Both of our partners began speeding up obviously trying to make sure they came together. They too reached across and kissed and the thought of two sexy school teachers fucking and being fucked by two equally sexy students really turned me on and my cock began growing again.

Right then Derek yelled

“I’m cumming”,

Bruce replied

“me too”,

 and I felt his juice filling me up and giving me a feeling of total contentment.

Both of them collapsed on the bed and we finished up with a tangled mess of bodies, cocks and limbs.

Slowly our breathing went back to normal and Bruce said to John

“Why does forbidden fruit always taste the best”.

We all laughed at this and relaxed in each other’s arms.My cock was still hard and Derek noticed this and moved over to take it in his mouth while Bruce positioned himself to take Derek’s cock and it didn’t

take long for John to get the message and move around so I could suck his, while Bruce took him into his mouth. So a daisy chain of sucking was taking place and the pace began to pick up all of us trying to make sure they came at the same time.

I let the team down because I was soon shooting my load down Derek’s throat and this prompted him to shoot and so a chain reaction took place.

Once again totally spent we all laid back happy and contented with the whole afternoon. Derek and I had both had sex now with older men and speaking for myself it was GREAT.

I must have dozed off in my lovers arms because the next thing I knew John was telling everyone to get up because it was almost time to head back to school for tonight’s performance.

Derek and I took a bath together with no ‘hanky panky’ the instructions coming from our drama teacher so we were contented to wash each other with just the odd kiss and cuddle in between.

It was then Bruce and John’s turn and Derek said with a laugh

“And no hanky panky “.


said Bruce with a laugh has he gave his partner a big kiss. It was strange to see two male teachers kissing and I knew this would take a bit of getting used to.

We got dressed and John made us snack before we got back into his car and headed back to school.

“We should do that again”.

Bruce said to me as we sat together in the back

of the car. I nodded saying,

“Yes, that was one of the best sex romps ever”.

John remarked “I can’t believe how experienced you two guys are. I was never as good at it as you two are when I was your age”.

Derek grinned remarking

“No but you’ve made up for it since”.

At school I went off to get into my costume and get made up while Derek helped John and Bruce get the stage ready for tonight’s performance.

For once I started to feel just a little bit nervous because my parents and all my relatives would be in the audience tonight and I wondered how sarcastic my prick of a father would be.

Has I mentioned before the show was a sell out and Mr Garth our headmaster came into the dressing room and wished us all good luck. He took me on one side and said

“Everything alright now Cliff?’

“Yes sir we have sorted out all of our problems except one and we are working on that”.

“Your father?”

I nodded, he patted me on the back with a smile and walked away to take his place in the front row.

Curtain up and the play progressed smoothly with no major dramas except once when I was supposed to fall back over a lounge, I was a bit too boisterous and winded myself when I fell but managed to get back on my feet but it took a lot of effort to get my next lines out.

Finally it was the last act with the kiss and once again Muriel parted my lips with her tongue and I could tell she was getting quite excited. I thought shit she’ll want me to fuck her next.

Anyway Derek closed the curtain on cue this time and Muriel said

“Oh that was a bit too quick that time I was just beginning to enjoy myself”.

I groaned inwardly and walked off stage ready for the encore.I was a bit slow coming out to take a bow (accidentally on purpose) so Muriel had already done her curtsy to the audience.

I was stunned when I came out and got a standing ovation including my father.

When the curtain had closed everyone was hugging each other and congratulating everyone else. Derek came up and gave a big hug and Mr Waddington whispered “Steady you two anyone would think you were in love”.

We laughed and separated for the sake of keeping up appearances. We all had sandwiches and drinks before getting changed ready to go home.

Both our parents were waiting for us so there was no opportunity for us to say goodnight with a kiss.

My father made a big show of congratulating me and shaking my hand in front of every one while Mum gave me a peck on the cheek and quietly said

“I’m very proud of you son”.

This brought tears to my eyes as I whispered words that I had not said for a long time

“Thank you mum I love you”.

Believe me after two performances and an afternoon of hot sex with my lover and two gorgeous teachers I fell into bed and slept soundly thinking about

all day Sunday with Derek and Ian.

I always appreciate comments good or bad and will try and answer every one

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy