Chapter 10

Adventures of Cliff

Chapter 10

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up

in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to

understand what I am talking about.

I slept till 11 am on Saturday being totally exhausted after two performances of the school play and an afternoon of hot sex with my lover and two school teachers. My piss hard cock when I woke was begging for attention so I dashed into the bathroom to relieve the ache and bring down the swelling with my sperm just about filling the toilet bowl. (OK so I exaggerate a bit)

After performing my daily ablutions I dressed and went down for something to eat. Only my mum was in the kitchen, everybody else had gone out. Mum fixed me something to eat and as we both sat at the table I thought this would be a good opportunity to ask about the sleepover with Derek.

“I’ve got no objections if his parents are happy”. Mum said.

“No they said it was OK”.

I answered hoping and praying that they wouldn’t

talk to each other considering we were taking Ian to John Waddington’s for a proper sleep over except there wouldn’t be much sleeping done if everything went according to plan. Mum surprised me when she said

You and Derek have become quite close haven’t you?” Yes mum, he’s a good guy and a true friend”

I answered.

“I hope you’re not going to neglect Gwen, because she is very fond of you and it would hurt her if you split up”.

This made me feel very guilty and I would have loved to have told my mother my feelings for Gwen and more

importantly for Derek. I really wished I could have come out as they say these days to my mother. I’m sure she would understand.

“I still love Gwen mum, it’s just that I have been so busy and a lot has been happening just lately. Don’t worry I’ll make it up to her later.”

We were silent for a while then mum surprised me again.

” You know your father and I hope that you will go to Agricultural college, but after seeing you on stage last night you would have my blessing if you

made acting your career because I’m sure you would be a success”.

With tears in my eyes I got up crossed over to Mum giving her a kiss and a hug.

“Thanks mum, let’s just wait and see what happens, Thank you for your faith in me I just hope I can live up to your expectations, just remember I will

always love you even though sometimes I might not show it”.

I lounged around for the rest of the day until it was time to go back to school and get ready for the Saturday night performance. I had packed a few things for my overnighter, and told me I would be back

Sunday afternoon late.

“What are you going to do all that time?”

she asked.

“I don’t know, we might go to the pictures or something”.

At school I went and got my costume on and then had my makeup done and I didn’t see Derek until just before curtain up.

“I missed you today”

My lover whispered.

“Me too”

I replied.

“Everything all right for our sleepover?’

I continued with a grin.

“Yes Ian said he was looking forward to it as well”.

“I’m so horny I could fuck you in the middle of the stage with the curtains open, right now”.

Derek laughed and said,

“Just be patient lover boy”.

John Waddington came up with his lover Bruce in tow and said “Are you two horny toads organised for tonight and tomorrow?”

“Yes sir, We have been all day”.

They both laughed and told us that they would be heading off right after the end of the play tonight and will be back sometime early Sunday evening.

“Not too early otherwise you might get more than you are expecting”.

I remarked

We all laughed and got into our positions for curtain up on what once more was a sell-out audience.

Everything went smoothly with no problems and Muriel once again gave me a very sexy kiss at the end.

Once more I got a standing ovation. As we were leaving the stage Muriel said

“Cliff if you ever leave Gwen I would be more than happy to take her place”

I stuttered and stammered a non-committal thank you, before rushing off to get changed.

When I left the dressing room Derek and Ian where waiting and off we went to our teachers house. We let ourselves in and found that John and Bruce had left food and drink for us so we had something to eat and drink first before heading for the bedroom. We had decided not to push our luck and used the spare bedroom instead of the guys one with the satin sheets an all.

Ian went in first and just sat on the bed and I got the impression that he was a bit unhappy and undecided. Derek hugged me and gave my a passionate kiss using his tongue to get me hot and horny. I looked across at Ian and noticed tears running down his cheeks. I pulled away from Derek and went over to sit next to home, putting my arm round him I said “Hay pal what the matter?”.

Derek seeing how unhappy his best friend looked also came over and sat the other side of him. With both our arms around him Ian said

“You guys are so much in love with each other which is great and I’m happy for you both but Derek we’ve been close friends since we were six years old and I miss your company so much that it hurts”.

He started sobbing again and Derek took him in his arms and started kissing away his tears. I said

“Ian I never or should I say we never realised we were hurting you so much I’m so sorry that I have taken your best friend away from you but from now on I promise we will pay more attention and not take you for granted”

Ian turned away from Derek and looked me straight in the eyes and said

“Thank you Cliff, you know I have always looked at you from afar and wished I could get closer to you. I love you and was even a bit jealous that Derek got you before I did”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and Derek also had a surprised look on his face. He said to Ian.

“You are still my best buddy and always will be, while Cliff will be my lover. I love you both dearly, but for different reasons.”

What Derek said next took the wind out of my sails. I knew he loved me and often said so but never to the extent of the words he now spoke.

“If I could marry Cliff and we could have children it would make my life complete and I hope and pray that we stay together as a couple”.

He went on

“and you Ian will always be a true and loving friend no matter what happens. I love you both dearly. Now I think its time for a group hug”.

All three of us hugged and started kissing each other with Ian looking decidedly happier than he had a few minutes ago. We fell back onto the bed and Derek and I started to undress Ian. By the time we had finished he had a massive boner which definitely required

attention. We started kissing our way down his body until he stopped us and said.

“Some people in this room are decidedly overdressed and it’s not me”.

We laughed and quickly undressed before returning our attention back to Ian.

I began playing with his balls gently rolling them around in my hand while Derek Moved his lips onto Ian’s cock taking it totally into his mouth and

slowly began sucking. Ian’s cock was cut and fairly large a bit bigger than mine but not quite as thick. He began moaning in ecstasy and started humping his hips so his cock went further into my lovers mouth. I took this opportunity to get underneath them both so my tongue could service Ian’s pink hole. This was something that I had not done much of not even with

Derek but I guess now was as good a time as ever to start.

As Derek sucked faster and faster Ian’s body began jerking around all over the bed and I could tell he was ready to blow.

“I’m Cumming”

He yelled and his body went rigid. Everything stopped except for his cock which sent wave after wave of juice down my lovers throat. I whispered to Derek. “suck my cock I need some juice on it”.

He did then I pushed his head off me and placed my cock in Ian’s hole slowly entering him. He gave a little yelp and then pushed his arse up so I could go into him further. I knew I was close so I had to do what I wanted to do quickly and totally. I kept ramming into his hole for about 30 seconds before

shooting my load. In the meantime Derek reached over to kiss me lovingly and deeply.

Finally we all fell apart with Ian looking totally satisfied with a smile on his face and no tears in sight.

“Thank you guys “.

He said.

“I love you both so much”.

” We love you just as much”.

Replied Derek

“just remember that Cliff and I totally committed to each other”.

I added

“We’ll make sure that you are no longer neglected or

forgotten. You have too cute a arse for us to do that”. ”

I finished with a laugh.

“I’m hungry”.

Derek said. So still naked we headed for the kitchen to grab something to eat and drink. We sat around the table and I was surprised when Ian came around and sat on my knee with his arms around me. He gave me

a big hug before grabbing another sandwich. In between mouthfuls he kissed me and nuzzled my neck which for me is a big turn on. He then started moving his bum around which brought my cock up to its full length.

“Steady on, I believe it’s Derek’s turn to fill you up”.

Derek moved round to our side of the table and lifted Ian onto the kitchen table on his back with his legs in the air and straight away he positioned his

cock at the entrance of Ian’s arse. Ian was still wet and sticky from the fucking I had given him so no lubrication was needed and he entered right up to the hilt with no trouble at all. The look on Ian’s face was enough to show that he was totally happy at being fucked by me and then by his old buddy and friend.

I climbed onto the table and managed to get Ian’s cock into my mouth without my head being squashed and I moved round so that we could 69 while Derek fucked him slowly but surely. If my mouth was at the tip of Ian’s cock when Derek thrust it was pushed in my mouth right to the limit. The sensation was great and all three of us were getting carried away, getting ready for a three way orgasm. It worked we all shot our loads at the same time Ian and I gulping down each other’s juice while Derek filled Ian’s arse.

We lay on the kitchen table for a while catching our breath before one of us, not sure who said that we should try and make it back into the bedroom.

All three of us laid on the bed with Ian in the middle and Derek and I on our sides facing him.

Tears once again came into Ian’s eyes and I said

“Oh no not again what’s wrong now?”.

“Nothing, I’m just so happy to have you two with me that I can’t help it”.

Derek said

“Is that all. Ian we are both very sorry that we neglected you and as we have said before it will never happen again”.

Both of started taking it in turns to kiss him and on the mouth the ears the neck and anywhere else we could reach. Eventually we all drifted off to sleep still cuddling and holding each other.

With the play and our other activities the three of us where very tired and it was daylight before any of us stirred. I gradually woke up to feel a hard dick prodding my arse cheeks along with my own hard cock rubbing against an equally hard cock and someone’s tongue entering my mouth. Sometime during the night or early morning Ian had finished up behind me and Derek was in front facing me. I lifted my leg up a bit more so that Ian could push is cock in a bit more while my lover and I continued to rub and kiss each other. Slowly Ian pushed right in and began fucking me with a slow rhythm which took his cock all the way in and then out The feeling was incredible with Derek and I making out at the same time. I got the impression that Derek rubbing his cock against mine was getting ready to blow and so was I while Ian was quite content to give me a long slow fuck.

Derek took his tongue out of my mouth long enough to say that he was cumming , I nodded my head in agreement and we blasted our spunk all over our stomachs and chest. We continued to kiss as Ian sped up and began pounding my ass until he too screamed that he was going to blow and blow he did stream after stream of juice blasted into my innards.

We lay back panting and gasping for air before once again drifting off to sleep. The next time we woke was because someone else was in the room and a

voice saying

“Come and look at these three Bruce they look well and truly fucked”.

I opened my eyes and there were our two benefactors back from their own `dirty’ weekend.

“If we had any sense we’d join them”

Bruce said.

“But it is getting late and if we did they’d never get home for a couple or more days”.

“How right you are come on guys hands off cocks on socks it’s time to head off home if you can still walk”

He laughed. We got up went to the bathroom to wash and then get dressed before going into the kitchen.

Our drama teacher John was laughing his head off and we asked what was so funny.

“It’s alright guys I washed all the love juice off the kitchen table, what on earth did you get up to. On second thoughts don’t tell it would be best if we didn’t know”.

“Did you two have as good a time as we did?”.

I asked, John answered

“We had a good time but I don’t think we came anywhere close to having as good a time as you apparently did”.

While we were getting ready Bruce had cooked us bacon, eggs and baked beans which we instantly devoured not realising how hungry we were.

When we had finished we went up in turn to give John and Bruce a kiss and a cuddle and thank them for their hospitality. Outside the back we retrieved our bikes and kissed each other goodbye and Ian said once again “Thank you guys for including me in your love making. I love you both”.

“We love you too but for fucks sake don’t start crying again”.

I said and we all laughed and hugged each other before heading home. It was about seven o’clock when I got home and was pretty dark by then too.

Dad was his usual arshole self and wanted to know were I had been till this time. I told him just hanging around with Derek and Ian.

“Gwen called round here three times looking for you” and I tell you she’s pretty peeved off with you so don’t be surprised if she dumps you”.

I didn’t answer, just turned around and headed for bed. I lay in bed thinking of all that had happened over the past couple of days including the great time I had today with two gorgeous boys one who I love

dearly. Then my thoughts turned to Gwen and I wondered what I was going to do with her. I was very fond of her but I don’t think I love her at least

not as much as I did before I met and fell in love with Derek. While thinking about Derek my hand drifted down to my cock and hanging on to my

dick and dreaming of my lover I drifted off to sleep.

I hope you like my story so far. Lots more to cum. Your comments good or bad are welcome.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy