Chapter 11

Adventures of Cliff

Chapter 11

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader

to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up

in England in the 1950′s and sixties I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology

which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This

is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to

understand what I am talking about.

I was running a bit late for school but didn’t really care because I had a

study period first up. Only mum was in the kitchen and she took me a bit by

surprise when she said

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with Derek lately haven’t you?”

“Yes, He’s a good friend.”

Then came the surprising bit.

“You two look to be very close. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a very nice

boy, but be careful that’s all I have to say”.

“I suppose I do think a lot of him mum, and yes he is a very close friend”.

I was tempted to say more about our relationship but reading between the

lines I suspected my mother had a pretty good idea of what was going on She

doesn’t miss much so I guess she knew our friendship and love were pretty

intense.  I finished breakfast, gave mum a kiss on the cheek and headed off to school.  It wasn’t until lunch time that I met up with Derek and Ian in the school dining room.

“I’m feeling as horny has hell”

I whispered to Derek.

“Me too”

He replied.

“Not sure when I can get away again” I told him”

It had started to rain and it was pouring down and looked as if it was set in for a day or so. This meant that our open air hideaway would be too wet because the playing fields flooded easy.

“The storeroom is out of the question because too many people are using it

these days”.

I told him and Ian.

“Never mind”.

My lover replied.

“We’ll have to try and arrange to go to Mr W’s place whenever we can”.

Ian then spoke up and said.

Are you still planning to get your dad for fucking Sarah the camp bike?”

“Yes, if I can come up with a plan”.

“Well I might have something for you, because the word going round is that

he is still fucking her every chance he gets”

My head went down and I could feel tears forming. Why does my father have

to be such an arsehole and treat my mother this way.

“I could kill the prick”.

I mumbled.  Derek put his arm around me and Ian leant across the table and took my hand both of them not caring that we were in a crowded room with about a hundred other people.

“Don’t worry”

Derek said in a soothing gentle voice.

“We both love you and will help you all we can”.


Said Ian,

“my brother has a mate who’s uncle is an industrial chemist and he got me this”.

Out of his pocket Ian produced a small bottle of clear liquid and said. “All it needs is a couple of drops in his drink and when he next goes to take a piss his pee will be a bright green and the tip of his dick will also turn green”

Derek laughed and I said.

“That’s fucking brilliant, that’ll teach the cockhead, how long does it last?”

“About two days, but if you keep adding it to his drinks you could keep it

going much longer, and I’ll see if I can slip some into Sarah’s drink as

well and tell her that your dad’s got the same problem that way they’ll

both blame each other”.

We all laughed like hell until a horrible thought went through my head.

“What happens if my mother goes with him?”

Derek thought about this for a minute and then said.

“I don’t think your dad would be game to go near your mum with the state his dick will be in. and if she sees it then he will have some nasty questions to answer”.

We continued laughing while Ian went and found another small container so

we could divide the mixture.  The rest of the day went slowly and I was horny and bored by the time the final bell went. It was still pouring rain so I said goodbye to my lover as we left school to go to our respected homes.

That night after dinner I managed to slip a couple of drops into my fathers

tea before heading for my room to do some homework and have an early night. I was just dropping off to sleep when I heard this almighty scream from the bathroom and had to stuff my face into the pillow so no one would hear me laughing my head off. I could hear my mother knocking on the bathroom door and asking if everything was alright. I heard my father yell that nothing was wrong he had just jammed his finger in the bathroom cabinet and he would be out in a minute. It was quite a while after when I heard the bathroom door open and I poked my head out of my bedroom door and asked dad if everything was OK.

“Of course it is you stupid idiot, why wouldn’t it be”

He stopped and thought for a minute.

“you wouldn’t know anything about it would you?”

“About what?’

I answered all innocent.

“Never mind just go to bloody bed ”

He yelled. Before going into his and mum’s bedroom.

I crawled back into bed laughing my head off before moving my hand down to

my cock and while I was thinking of my lover Derek I began slowly jacking

my cock getting faster and faster until I reached my climax and called out

“Oh Derek my love” as my juice spurted out the end of my cock into a towel

I kept in my bed just for that purpose. I then fell asleep thinking how

great it would be to share my bed on a permanent basis with my lover.

The next couple of days were frustrating and boring with the rain pouring

down and no chance for Derek and I to get together. The only good news was

that Sarah had not been to school and Ian heard that she had gone to the

doctors and he had no idea what was causing her `green’ condition. Anyway a

couple of boys went round to her place for a fuck and she told them to piss

off. Meanwhile dad wasn’t talking to anyone and mum was totally ignoring him he even had to get his own meals. I guess he won’t be fucking around outside the marital bedroom for a while. I met up with Derek in the corridor and he said

“I’m going fucking stir crazy without you in my arms”

“Me too I’m jacking myself silly each night and morning thinking of what we

are missing”.

“me too”.

“Tomorrow night’s choir practise, I wonder if I could skip it and we could

go to Mr W’s for a session”.

“Derek replied.

“I’m sure I could get away and join you”

“I’ll check with John Waddington “.

Who is not only our drama teacher but also our choir master.

I went into the music room and asked him if it would be OK and he said

“I would really like you at choir practise because we are going to be recorded singing for a radio broadcast on the armed force network. Still if you are as desperate as you say I suppose you’d both better go and get all that dirty water off your chest”.

“Thank you sir. You have a wonderful way with words”.

I replied.

“get out you cheeky bugger”

Derek brightened up when I told him it was all arranged. So tomorrow night

it was going to be. The first time for quite a few days I wondered what our Indian friend Rama was up to . We hadn’t seen him for a while and I got hard just thinking about his beautiful dusky body.

Thursday evening finally came and straight after school we headed for our

teachers home. Bruce his partner who teaches at a private college the same

on Rama was at home, and both Derek and I greeted him with a kiss and a

cuddle. I couldn’t help thinking God he’s drop dead gorgeous and wondered

about a repeat performance we had with him and John a few days earlier.

He must have guessed what we were thinking because he said

“Sorry guys I’ve got to go back to the college tonight for a meeting”.

“How did you know what we were thinking”.

 Derek asked with a grin.

“I can read you two horny toads like a book” H

e replied with a laugh.

“Off you go to your bedroom and have fun”.

Was his parting words as he headed for the door.

I took Derek’s hand and led him into the spare bedroom, turned and kissed

him as I closed the door behind us.

“oh baby I’ve been going crazy for this”

 I whispered in his ear.

“Me too. Oh Cliff I love you so much, I wish there was some way we could

always be together never ever to part”.

“That would be wonderful, but impossible for now”.

 I replied as I began undressing. We got onto the bed and I moved down so my mouth was positioned level with his cock and he did the same at the other end.

“Just copy me”

I instructed and my lover, I began licking the tip of his cock holding his erect staff upright with my hand. I knew it would not take long for us to blow the first time. I ran my tongue up and down the underneath of his dick and he shivered and shook with delight. I did the same as he copied my every move.

I fondled his ball bag before taking his testicles into my mouth and slowly

moved them around my mouth the feeling was unbelievable I then positioned

my mouth over the top of his cock and slowly lowered it down his shaft to

the hilt. I was going off my brain as he did the same to me and I knew both of us would be coming very soon. I started to hum with his dick in my mouth and my lover began to stiffen and I knew a climax was not very far away for the both of us. Derek tried to say something which sounded like I’m cumming but it was very muffled and I nodded my head as we both reached a shattering climax sending wave after wave of hot spunky juice into each other’s mouths. Just then a voice with an oriental accent said.

“What a beautiful scene two lovers fulfilling each other’s dream at the same time.”

Startled we both pulled apart and jumped up and there framed in the doorway

was Rama with is mysterious lover. We both stared at the incredible beauty standing next to Rama and realised at the same time just who it was looking down at us his cock tenting in his pants and a longing look on his face.

I mentioned earlier on that Rama’s boyfriend was a famous politician’s son. Well that was not quite true Derek and I both recognised him immediately as a member of the royal family and potential heir to the throne.

(AUTHORS NOTE: as you may be aware a certain amount of this story is based

on true happenings and Cliff and Derek did have an affair with a member of the royal family and heir to the throne, but a bit later in life and not quite in the same context. I was at a loss what to call Rama’s lover because any ordinary English names I came up with could have given you a clue to his identity and I decided that any foreign names would be totally out of context so I decided to just call him Rama’s lover, boyfriend or HRH. Now read on)

Derek blurted out ”

I thought you said he was a politicians son”.


Rama replied

“If I had said royalty you would have guessed his identity right away”.

His lover came forward offering his hand and said.

“I beg you please not to disclose my identity to anyone”.

Cheeky Derek replied.   

“On one condition”

Looking worried he replied

 ”What’s that?”

“That you two join us on this bed after taking off your clothes”.

Both of them laughed and he said

“Is that all, we had every intention of doing just that anyway”.

Let me describe Rama’s lover to you. He was quite tall almost six foot with

blonde curly hair and as he dropped his pants I could see that he had a

seven inch circumcised cock which was just begging for my mouth and as he

turned around I saw the most beautiful tight bubble arse I had ever seen.

I looked at Derek and he looked at me and I swear both of us where drooling

at the mouth.  Rama broke the silence saying

“You like what you see boys?”

“Do we ever”

We both replied in unison and we all burst out laughing.

“Now you can see why I am so much in love with this boy”

Rama added. I reached over and took his lover by the hand pulling him closer to me and our lips touched lightly before we opened them and allowed our tongues to do their work. I heard Derek remark

“How come he got in first?”

Rama chuckled and said

“Your turn will come, for now you have me”.

They also went into a clinch on the bed next to us. I felt a hand going down to fondle my cock while our lips remained locked together. I moaned and followed suit thinking my god I’m holding the next possible king of England’s cock in my hand. He broke the kiss and moved down my body sucking on my nipples, making them taut and sticking out before continuing down to my navel which he licked the inside with his tongue, before nuzzling into the hairs at the base of my shaft. This was incredible and I realised straight away that this was no novice he certainly knew his way around a male body.  He licked the precum off my cock before taking it into his mouth moving down my shaft and deep throating me like someone who had been doing it all their life. He began moving his mouth up and down my cock and I ran my hands through his golden locks guiding him up and down slowly increasing the pace. I knew my lover and his partner were also doing something in bed but I was too far gone to even check and see what it was all I was interested was this great mouth slowly taking me to the top.

He increased his pace and I felt my balls tighten as they prepared to

release my love juice into this willing Royal mouth. He sensed my tensing

and locked his lips around my cock determined not to spill a drop as I


“I’m cumming”.

Before blasting into his mouth.  He swallowed every drop and continued sucking until there was nothing left and I started to go slack.

He whispered almost inaudibly

“Can I fuck you”


I mumbled hardly believing what I had heard. I lay on my back raised

my legs in the air so my willing hole was ready for him. He grabbed his

cock and began guiding his seven inches into me suddenly he stopped pulled

out and said something to Rama. I thought what’s wrong surely he hasn’t

changed his mind, but then Rama handed him a jar of lubrication which he

applied to my hole using a finger to get right in and then to his cock

before he assumed the position he was in before. I noticed that Derek was

in the same position as me while Rama already had his rampant cock in my

lovers arse up to the limit. 


he said with a grin.

“I almost forgot”.

He smiled down at me as he began entering me pausing momentarily at the pain barrier before pushing onward and taking me into seventh heaven. Now Derek. Ian and Rama are both highly experienced when it comes to boy sex but this guy really knew what he was doing. He began a slow methodical rhythm pushing his dick in and then out to the limit. He leaned forward and kissed me and I wrapped my feet around his neck while my hands went behind his buttocks pulling him even tighter into me. He must have been fucking me for about twenty minutes before he gradually speeded up his breath coming in short bursts and his perspiration dripping on to my chest, I felt his body stiffen and he began grunting as I felt his seed flow out of his dick into my willing arse.  He fell off me landing between Derek and I and we began kissing him as Rama unloaded into Derek’s hole.

“That was fucking great”

He said.

“If I wasn’t in love with my dear Indian friend you would be the one”.

I was speechless thinking fucking hell his royal highness would have taken

me as a boyfriend. I could hardly believe my ears. Surely I’m dreaming and

will wake up soon, but the juice slowly dripping out of my bum was

certainly no dream. Suddenly there was a tapping on the window and both Derek and I jumped,

“Don’t worry it’s just my bodyguard warning me that I have to get back to

the college before I am missed”.

“Won’t your body guard tell on you?”

I asked.

“No he is gay and as long as I fuck him every so often he is happy”.

We stared in amazement as Rama and he dressed hurriedly, gave us both a

kiss and cuddle. Rama whispered in my ear

“Next time I hope it is you and I together my lovely darling”.

Fuck I thought I’ve got a royal and an Indian prince both with the hots for

me how lucky can I get, plus I still have my lover Derek. After they had gone Derek cuddled up to me and said

“Wow what an incredible experience. How was he?”

Fucking incredible”

I replied

“He is one hot fuck and more experienced than all of us put together. I reckon he’s been at it for a long time”.

Derek smiled kissed me and then said.

“Don’t forget next time it’s my turn”

“I know, Rama wants me, in fact I think he might be just a little bit in

love with me”.

Derek pulled away went quiet and looked into my eyes. A worried look came over his face and he asked me

“I hope this doesn’t mean you are going off me””

“NO Derek don’t even think that for one minute. I love you too much to ever

stop loving you. Please remember that”. I could feel tears beginning to

roll down my cheeks and he was crying too. We hugged each other tight and kissed away the tears from each other’s face.

I knew that no one would ever replace Derek as the love of my life.

I hope that you are enjoying my story. There is a lot more of cliff’s

adventures to be told so please tell me if that is what you want.

The kind words you have sent me so far are very encouraging. This is my

first effort at writing this kind of story. I hope you approve.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy