Chapter 12

Adventures of Cliff
Chapter 12
This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up in England in the 1950′s and sixties.
If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.
I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

Cliff was waiting for me when I got to school next morning and as we walked
towards morning assembly he said
“That was a awesome night wasn’t it?”
“Yes I can’t get over who had my arse last night”
I replied.
“I’m dying to tell someone but I know I can’t”.
I then noticed that Derek had a worried look on his face. I pulled him to one side of the corridor and asked if anything was the matter.
“I’m worried about us Cliff, whenever we meet and make love there is always
someone else taking part do you know how long ago it is since we made love
alone just the two of us”.
I thought for a minute and realized he was right.
“Derek sweetheart, your right. It’s been a while Ian, John and Bruce Rama
and you know who but never just the two of us”.
“I need you Cliff just you and no one else. What can we do?”
“After assembly let’s just fuck off and find somewhere we can spend the day together”.
I said.
“OK but where can we go? It’s pissing down with rain all our outside
spots are wet or flooded and John’s got the day off. He told me yesterday
him and Bruce were spending the day at home in bed so that rules that out”
“Mum will be home all day at my place. What about your home Derek?”
“I know mum’s out today until about lunchtime but she’ll be home then and that won’t be long enough time”.
I thought for a while then said,
“I have an idea, wait her while I go into the dining room and see Brenda the school’s cook”.
I headed for the kitchen, Brenda was in the pantry doing a stock take and I crept up behind her putting my arms around and feeling her breasts. She
yelled and spun round.
“Oh It’s horny you, what do you want? Has if I didn’t know”.
“Listen Brenda I’ve got a big favour to ask. I have a hot date and I don’t
want Gwen to find out can I use that big shed in your back garden. Please”
I made that sound really pleading. I then added
“And does it still have that mattress in there?”
Grinning all over my face.
“You know perfectly well it does”.
“Please Brenda I’ll be in your debt for ever and a day”
I said in a whiny sort of voice.
“All right then, just to stop your wining”.
She fumbled in her handbag and gave me the key to the padlock.
“Here you are and don’t make a mess”
She shouted as I yelled my thank you and ran out the door.
Derek was waiting for me and said
“Hurry up Mr Garth was looking for you for assembly. I told him you were in the toilet”.
“Thanks pal.”
I quickly told him my plan and said
“I’ll see you after assembly”.
I was usually required at assembly because I led the singing being the
teachers favourite. While all the kids were coming out of the hall it was easy for Derek and I to slip away. It was still pissing down with rain and with our bikes as the only means of transport we were soon soaking wet but didn’t care.
Brenda lived about a mile away on a large property left to her when her
parents died. She lived alone and had a massive shed in the backyard. I had heard that she rented it out to kids from the school for their sexual romps but she never charged me because the only female I had ever taken there was Brenda herself. I unlocked the door and we wheeled our bikes inside before I bolted the door. It was a bit damp, dark and dusty but would do. We stripped of our wet clothes and draped them around the room to dry. Naked we both faced each looking into each other’s eyes.
Derek had a look which said I love you and only you as he walked slowly
towards me taking me into his arms and kissing me long and hard with his
tongue seeking mine. He groaned and said
“That’s better I have been wanting this for days. I can’t live without you. Ok we do things with other guys and that’s great too but it’s nothing like the love I feel when it’s just me and you”.
As we stood with our arms wrapped around each other I took in all those
lovely words my lover had just uttered.
“Derek I love you too and only you, like you, everything else we do is just sex, lust filled sex. When we hold each other, its love”.
We must both be a couple of softies because tears once again started
flowing as we continued to hug and fondle each other quite content just to be in each other’s arms. We continued to kiss and I could fell both our cocks beginning to rise to the occasion. Not letting go of each other we moved slowly over to the mattress and laid down with Derek sort of half underneath me. We slowly ground our rampant cocks together while our hands prodded and poked each other’s buttocks.
My middle finger slowly entered my lovers beautiful hole and he squirmed
and moved around so it would enter more easily. This I followed with
another digit and then a third. He slowly rotated his body grinding my
fingers further into his hole. He began to moan and groan in ecstasy and
asked me to replace them with my cock. I positioned myself so that I could enter him and his hand went down to grasp my very hard solid dick and guide it into the Promised Land.
“Oh Cliff make slow gentle love to me”
he pleaded,
“I love you and want you inside me for ever”.
I raised myself up a bit and began slowly and gently pushing in and out of his lovely pink hole. I was determined not to come for a long time, I wanted this to last for as long as possible. This wasn’t sex this was true love.
After about ten minutes Derek looked as if he was in a trance and he
started whimpering a strange sound I had never heard him make before. It
worried me at first until I realized this was the sound of pleasure and
“get onto you back ”
He commanded,
“but don’t come out of me whatever you do”.
I did as he said and rolled over with my cock still hard and fast up
him. He leaned forward to kiss me long and hard before getting up on his
haunches and to gradually increase the pace raising himself up and down on my erect cock.
“Oh Derek Oh Derek,”
He moaned
“Fuck me hard my lover feel my love juice get it to flow right in you”. At least that’s what I think I said we were both in such a state that what we said didn’t matter. This was just two guys so deeply in love with each other that they didn’t care what happened. Gradually we could both feel ourselves coming to a climax and I was ready to cum.
I told him I was cumming and he grunted that he was too and then it
happened with such a force that I saw stars and I’m sure I came close to
passing out. My juice entered my lover and his love juice spurted out
covering my chest and face with his beautiful fluid.
He fell on top of me. We were both gasping for breath. Holding each other
tight we kissed. When we broke apart Derek said
“That was pure true unadulterated love I love, I love, I love you, I could go on saying it all day. I dearly hope we never ever part”
“Derek words just can’t describe my love for you I don’t want this moment to end. I want to stay with you for ever and ever.”
Once again that moment of emotion got the better of us and we both cried
tears of happiness while clinging on to each other. In this romantic state we both gradually dozed off to sleep. I don’t think we slept for long and I was awakened by a warm wet sensation at my hole. As I slowly came awake I wondered what it was but then realized it was my lover between my legs his tongue entering me probing my hole getting me ready for what I hoped was coming next. He pulled my cheeks apart so that he could push his tongue in a little bit more. I remember thinking that he his tongue must be longer than mine because it was going in a long way.
Derek helped me get ready by using his fingers as well and it did not take
long for me to be begging for his cock. He slowly inserted it in my hole
pushing past the pain barrier with ease and right the way in. The feeling
was magic and I urged him to fuck me and fuck me well. He grinned and said
Oh alright in a non-committal way before slamming his cock all the way
taking my breath away for a moment. He soon got a nice steady rhythm up and must have had his cock inside me for a good 20 minutes or more. I then felt the tell-tale signs that he was about to blow. His body including the part inside me got rigid and I was filled with his creamy spunk.
The feeling was sensational and I kept repeating over and over how much I loved him. He pulled out of me and noticed that my dick was still hard as a rock so he immediately took it in his mouth fucking my dick for all it was worth and it didn’t take long before I blew my stuff right down his willing throat. I don’t know about my lover but I was well and truly stuffed by now and overjoyed that we had once again demonstrated our love for each other this way. We lay in each other’s arms for a while before cleaning ourselves up and dressing ready to go home.
We felt that we needed today, to affirm our love for each other and I don’t
think we failed in that regard. I arrived home to see my mother sitting in the kitchen her head down and it was obvious that she had been crying.
“Mum what’s wrong what’s happened”
I said as I hurried over to her side and put my arms around her.
“Your fathers gone. I told him to go”.
O no she’s found out about his sexual antics I thought. I decided to act
“What do you mean, what happened?”
“He’s been playing around behind my back which I had known for some time now but the last straw was when I heard today that he was having sex with an underage girl”.
Mum tearfully said.
“Did you know about it?”
I put my head down and nodded.
“Yes it went right round the school; he made me and my sisters a laughing
“Cliff I’m so sorry for you and the girls. Did you know that he’s picked
up some sort of disease from this girl?”
I laughed and thought I’d better come clean about that.
“No mum I got hold of some stuff which I put in his tea making his penis and urine green. Plus Derek and Ian did the same to Sarah”.
At least that put a smile on her face.
“You’re a devious bugger Cliff” she said has she hugged me to her breast.
“I wish you had told me earlier and not left it to the mother of one of
Your sister’s friends to tell me”.
“Sorry mum but I didn’t want to upset you anymore than you already
I replied.
” You’re a good boy and I love you dearly”.
She gave me a kiss and hugged me some more “.
“were are the girls?”
I asked.
“Staying overnight with a friend I thought they were better out of it”.
“I wish I had been here to help you throw him out. Where has he gone?”
“I don’t know and right now I don’t care. I don’t think you should be on
your own tonight so why not go down to the phone box and call Derek to see if he could come over and keep you company”.
My heart jumped for joy at those words.
“Thank you mum I need someone for support right now and Derek is just the
right person, but what about you?”
“Your grandmother is coming down from Yorkshire to spend a few days she
should be here tomorrow”.
“O good I love your mother almost as much as I love you”.
In a very quiet voice mum once again surprised me.
“You love Derek too don’t you”.
My voice quivered a bit when I answered her.
“Yes I love him dearly. Do you mind that I prefer him over Gwen or any
other girl?”.
“No I’m happy for you I just want you to be very careful. This is a cruel
world. Please look out for yourself and Derek as well”.
“I will mum, I promise”.
I went out of the house and ran all the way down to the phone box and
called Derek’s house his mum answered and I asked if I could speak to
Derek. His mother told me that he was already in bed. I said it really was important. She went to wake him and after what seemed an age this sleepy
voice came on the phone.
“What’s the matter?”
He asked.
“Can you come over and stay with me?”
“Why what’s happened”.
I told him what had taken place and how my father was gone.
“Wait while I talk to mum and dad”.
He went away for what appeared to be a long time but I guess it wasn’t all that long. Derek’s mum came back on the phone and said.
“Cliff we are so sorry about what’s happened and Derek will be over soon
he’s just grabbing a few clothes.”
There was a pause then she said
“His dad and I realized a while ago that Derek was different to other boys of his age and it worried us but we are happy that he met up with you and we can see that you are both in love with each other. Be assured that you have our blessing just be careful and don’t hurt our boy”.
I started to cry and stammered my thank you and my assurance that I would
look after him for the rest of my life if I could.
I heard sobs coming down the phone and a soft voice
“I’m sure you will and
I believe Derek will do the same. Thank you for loving our only son”.
She hung up and I started bawling my eyes out. This was stupid I had to
pull myself together for mum’s sake if nothing else. I had hardly got home when Derek knocked on the door. I let him in and he gave me a kiss and a hug before going up to my mother and kissing and hugging her. We all had a little cry then mum said we should go to bed because it was quite late by now. We both kissed mum goodnight and hand in hand we headed to my bedroom. We undressed and got between the sheets.
“Just hold me tight please Derek”
I said. We clung to each other kissing not heavily but lovingly.
“Does your mother know about us?”
He asked
“Yes and she has given us her blessing just like your parents.”
“I love you Cliff I hope we are together for life.”
I started sobbing at those words and Derek said.
“Please don’t cry my baby where’re together now and that’s all that matters”.
There was no thought of sex tonight just tender love and we both drifted
off to sleep in each other’s arms. Sorry a bit of a tear jerker chapter this time. Let me know what you think.

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  • George Thoele says:

    Trevor I just finished this ‘tear jerker chapter” and wanted to stop for a rest and say FANTASTIC. That’s for the whole story so far. Of course if the rest is like what I have already read, which I believe it will be, it will be awesome. Keep up the fabulous writing Trev.

    Your Friend Always: George

  • Chris says:

    Dang it Trevor, I do enough crying with Jacobs stories and here I go reading yours and you bring me to tears as well… You two are just trying your best to make me run out of tissues… :-) Great job on the story and great chapter!! I am so enjoying getting to know these two young men and to read along on their adventures. Big Hugs… Chris

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy