Chapter 14

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

It was still dark outside when I was awakened by someone licking my dick
and fondling my balls.

“Couldn’t you sleep” I asked Derek who naturally was the one doing the

“Not with you by my side and your dick prodding into me”. He grinned

I laughed “I Must have been doing that in my sleep”.

He continued to concentrate on the task in hand, which was making my cock
hard, and he was doing a good job as well. I reached down to play with his
rampant member while Derek moved a hand between my legs to play with my
willing hole.

One finger and then another went into me making me moan and groan in

I whispered, “I think I want your cock inside me”.

“Sounds like a good idea my darling” he replied.

“How about doggie style” he then suggested and I turned over onto my hands
and knees with my arse pointing to the sky and his very hard cock. We
hadn’t been using any lubrication for a while now as our arses became more
used to each others cock and Derek’s slid easily into me. He began slowly
fucking me with his hands pulling my hips up to meet his thrusts.

He moaned and said “Oh my darling I love you so much my baby”.

I replied “Me too, please give me all the loving you have and fuck me, let
me feel your juice bursting out of your cock deep into me”.

These words spurred us both on and on. Derek reached down grabbing my cock
and jacking it off in time to his thrusts. I could feel that he wasn’t far
from cumming and neither was I. We always try and climax together and this
morning was no exception. I felt my lover tensing getting ready for the
ultimate moment and I willed myself to cum at the same time.

He blasted into me just as I shot my juice all over the bed sheets. We
collapsed on to the bed and faced each other kissing and hugging, our
tongues exploring each others mouths with an urgency which never seemed to
wane no matter how often we did it.

Once again we proclaimed our love for each other over and over again like a
cracked record.

We gradually relaxed and came down to earth. I looked at my lover and said.

“lets get serious for a moment. We have a big decision to make and we must
also consider our future and life after school.” I paused to let that
statement sink in. “At the moment we are acting like a couple of sex
starved lovers”

“Which is what we are” Derek replied with a grin.

“Yes, but, will it always be like this or will we get bored with each other
like some married couples do. Will we have to separate because of our

And most importantly do we declare our love in public”.

“Wow you are getting serious aren’t you” Derek said.

“I suppose everything you have said is right and we should start thinking
about these things, but I don’t want what we have right now to end. I love
you too much for us to be apart and I don’t think I could cope you not
being here with me”.

I could see tears forming so I gently kissed him on the lips and hugged him
close to me. He rested his head on my shoulder and whispered “I wish
everything would go away and there was just us two. I love you so much and
I’m scared I’m going to lose you. I don’t think I would survive without

Those words scared me and I said. “hey no more of that kind of talk
Whatever happens we will always be in each others thoughts and we will
never forget each other I’m sure, but after saying that I also hope and
pray that we will always be together for ever. I don’t think I could ever
love anyone else”.

We kissed and hugged a bit more until Derek’s mum knocked on the door to
tell us it was time to get up.

That cheered him up because he said with his usual cheeky grin. “I wonder
if mum realises that I’ve been up for quite a while”.

I punched him lightly on the arm and said. “That’s better your back to your
normal cheeky bugger self, what about the state of these sheets as well
your mum will have a fit”.

“I think she’s got used to seeing cum stains on my sheets although she does
grumble about all the washing she has these days”.

During breakfast Derek’s father asked if we had come to any decision yet
about declaring our feelings.

“Not yet”. Derek said. “it’s a tough one we might just have to wait and

“We had a big talk about things this morning and I don’t know about Derek
but my mind is swirling around at the moment thinking of all the problems
we could have”.

Derek’s dad replied. “You are both very brave boys, mum and I hope
everything will work out alright.

His mum continued “We love you both and I know Cliff’s mother does and we
will always be there for the two of you “.

I looked at Derek and thought for fucks sake don’t start crying again
because I’m trying very hard not to. It’s almost as if we can read each
others minds because my lover then said. “Me too don’t start”.

We both laughed and got ready to head for school.

Just before assembly our headmaster Mr Garth came up to us and said. “I’m
going to talk to the senior classes today after assemble about attitudes
towards those of you who are different. I won’t mention any names but if
you decided to declare your sexuality then this would be a good time to do

That caught us totally off guard, I looked at Derek with a surprised
puzzled look on my face and he likewise.

“Not sure if we are quite ready to do that sir” I replied.

“There are a lot of things to consider and we really don’t know what to do”
Derek said.

“Ok boys but just remember I and some staff members will help you all we

“Thank you sir. Don’t think we don’t appreciate what you are doing for us
and for others in this school, but it’s too difficult a decision to make
right now”. I said.

“I understand” He replied and then said something which really knocked the
wind out of our sails.

“I look upon and respect the both of you as I would my own son. I made a
mistake with him and lost him and I fully intend to make sure that you two
have every chance to make a go of it even if it means losing my job. I love
the both of you just as much as I do or did my own boy”.

I could see he was started to get emotional and he wasn’t the only one.

Derek said. “permission to hug you like a son would please sir”.

Mr Garth couldn’t reply he was too choked up so we both gave him a big hug,
which surprised a group of juniors walking past at the time.

” Thank you boys I needed that”.

We went into assembly with some fear and trepidation and after the usual
stuff Mr Garth asked all the juniors to go to class and all the seniors
remain seated.

I won’t relay all of his message in fact over the years I have forgotten
some of it anyway, but this is the crux of it.

” Boys and girls in life no two people are the same, it would be boring if
we where. As you grow older some of you will enter into relationships in
fact some of you already are. These relationships are usually boy and girl
but sometimes because of the way they are created it may be boy and boy or
girl and girl.” A few sniggers were heard going around the room.

He continued. “These types of relationships are just as loving and caring
as any other. I say again because of their makeup this is not by preference
but the way they are made. Two boys in particular recently declared their
love for each other”. Once again sniggers and a few comments went round the
room. “I and most of my staff support these boys and admire them. I hope
that you will support them as well and any others like them. I will not
tolerate bullying or abuse, verbal and otherwise, and If I hear of such
things drastic action will be taken to stamp this out. Be tolerant to those
who are sexually different to you. Mind you I don’t expect those
homosexuals and lesbians, Yes I will use the proper term. I don’t expect
them to display their affection in public just the same as I don’t allow
boys and girls to do just that. If the two boys I already know about decide
to let everyone know what they are, they may do so just as any others so
inclined can do without any condemnation by the school and it’s

He sat down and there was silence throughout the hall as this message sank

Small groups began clapping and several teachers joined in as well. The
sound of hands being slapped together increased until about two thirds of
the audience were applauding what Mr Garth had said.

I looked across at Derek and he nodded so I motioned for him to come on
stage and join me. As he did Mr Garth looked at me and then Derek. Very
quietly he said to me. “Are you sure?” I said “No but let’s go for it

“Your very brave”.

When everyone noticed that Derek had come and stood next to me the applause
stopped with all eyes turned on us. I moved closer to Derek and thought my
God what are we doing. I looked again at my lover and raised my eyebrows
questioning him with them.

He paused, nodded and I thought well here goes.

We both moved to the microphone but I knew that I would be expected to do
all the talking after all that was what I was good at.

“The two boys that Mr Garth spoke about are Derek and myself, I realised er
both of us realised some ago time we are homosexuals and several weeks ago
we fell in love. We love each other dearly and intend, God willing to spend
the rest of our lives together”. I was shaking like a leaf and so was my
lover. He reached out and held my hand. I must admit that made me feel
better knowing that he was right by my side supporting me. I continued.

“We both know that this will not go down too well with some members of the
school community but we hope that you take heed of the Headmasters words
and be tolerant and understanding. Our parents are supportive of our love
for each other and I hope that you all will as well. Just remember we are
still the same human beings we were before this announcement.

I am, sorry we are also aware that there are others in this school like us
and that we are not alone.”

I stopped speaking and a deathly silence followed. Slowly applause began in
several parts of the hall and this gradually increased getting louder and
louder several students then stood up to applaud and a cheer or two was
heard. Several teachers stood and joined in the applause. Soon almost all
of the assembly of 400 students and teachers were on their feet leaving
about thirty or so students and teachers sitting in stony silence glaring
at us.

Mr Garth and other teachers along with house captains and head boy and of
course head girl Gwen came up to shake our hands or give us a hug.

Gwen kissed me and said quietly “I’ll always love you Cliff Steele, good
luck to the both of you.”

Mr Waddington hugged us both saying that we where the bravest boys he had
ever met. I noticed tears in his eyes and thought Oh no don’t start crying
because I knew Derek and I were close.

Everyone started to leave to go to classes and soon just Mr Garth, Mr
Waddington, Miss Marsden and the head boy were left .

Our head boy Jason I never really took much notice of he was an average boy
with average looks an excellent scholar. He came up to us and said “That
took a lot of guts you guys I could never in a million years have declared
myself as Gay like you two did. My boyfriend and I dare not even mention
anything to our parents.”

I quickly brought my head up Jason was gay. Well that one got under the

“How long have you been together with your boy friend?” Derek asked.

“Since junior school” Jason replied “Like you two we are very much in love
and also intend to spend our life together if we can”. I could hardly
believe my ears. All this time I had known Jason but never
realised. Apparently his partner had already left school and was working as
an apprentice painter.

Finally we headed off to classes and as I walked in a loud cheer and
applause greeted me except I noticed about five or six guys who glared at
me and muttered among themselves. The lesson was geography and our teacher
was miss Youngberry. She smiled at me and said “well done Cliff”

I looked around and the only empty seat was next to Michael Jefferson the
class bully who I had a run in with over my father.

“So Mr Cliff Steele is a fucking faggot after all. I was right all
along. You and your bum licking lover had better watch your backs, some
people might agree with your arse fucking ways but some of us don’t
especially when you accused me of being a poofter”.

I pretended not to hear him and moved as far away as I could.

“No need to move away from me, poofter I’ve got no intensions of sucking
your dick, especially after it’s been up a smelly shitty arse”.

It took a lot of willpower not to flatten him again but that was just what
he wanted me to do.

Miss Youngberry could see what was going on so she arranged for me to
change places with another boy and sit next to Gwen.

” Now that you’ve declared yourselves to all that is the sort of thing you
will have to put up with”. she said. “We can handle it” I replied.

Classes that day dragged on with a lot of comments nudges and winks taking
place whenever I walked down a corridor or when I went into a class
room. They’ll get over it I thought. How wrong could I be.

The final bell rang and I was heading down the corridor to meet Derek and
head for home when out of a classroom Michael Jefferson and three of his
mates emerged barring my way.

“Look what we have here boys a fucking faggot all on his own with no one to
hold his hand”. Michael said and his three mates sniggered spreading
themselves out and blocking off the corridor.

“Look I don’t want any trouble I am what I am I can’t help it so you do
your thing and I’ll do mine” I said.

“O I’ll do my thing alright” He replied. “My thing is getting rid of
poofter scum out of this school. Grab him boys let’s teach this shirt
lifter a lesson”.

With that they grabbed me and pushed me into an empty classroom. Michael
closed the door and while two others held me he proceeded to hit and kick
me in the stomach. All the wind went out of my body and I slumped
forward. The two holding me let me go and I fell in a heap on the floor
gasping for breath. It was then that all four of them began systematically
kicking me in the stomach. Chest, between the legs, my head anywhere they
could put the boot in. It felt like they were kicking me for ages and I
curled into a ball to try and protect myself as the kicking increased and
got harder and harder until I felt myself losing consciousness. Then
everything went black.

I could hear voices talking softly and my head felt as if it didn’t belong
on my head I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. My head hurt like hell and
then I realised the rest of my body did too.

What’s happening to me everything’s a blur, then it slowly dawns on me and
I can vaguely remember Michael Jefferson and his cronies pushing me into a

I could still hear voices talking and slowly opened my eyes and then there
was a bright light shining in my eyes one and then the other. “He’s

coming round” I heard a voice say and I noticed a man in a white coat
leaning over me. The I realised I was in a strange bed and there was a
strange antiseptic smell which made me feel a bit nauseous.

A someone’s hand took hold of mine and I heard a familiar voice say.” Don’t
worry darling your safe now”. I tried to move my head to see my lover but
it hurt too much.

“Don’t move”. He said “Just stay still and rest.”

“What happened?” I croaked . Another voice a bit further away said. “You
took a beating from Michael Jefferson and his hoodlums. But don’t worry
they won’t do that in my school anymore”. Mr Garth what is he doing here.?
This is all too much for me and I close my eyes again and drift off to

Not sure how long I slept for but when I awoke it was dark with just a
nightlight burning. Someone was still holding my hand and a curly head was
resting on the bed.

I stirred and the head shot up. It was my lover Derek and he looked like

“What happened?” I asked. “You got beaten up, but the doctor said you
should make a full recovery.” He squeezed my hand, stood up and leaned
forward to give me a gentle kiss on the lips. I winced because my lips were
so sore. “I’m sorry darling I didn’t mean to hurt you” Derek said.

“That’s Ok. It’s just that every part of my body aches.”

“Well you did get quite a beating and the doctor says you have a couple of
cracked ribs as well.”.

“Does my mother know?”

“Yes she went home about three hours ago. Mr Garth gave her a lift “.

“What was he doing here?”

“He’s been here for hours waiting for news from the doctors. Mr Waddington,
Bruce, Ian, several others from school including Gwen along with my mum and
dad they were all here until the matron ordered them out”.

How come she let you stay here?” I asked.

“She didn’t every time she comes around the nurses warn me and I hide till
she’s gone. The nurses reckon she’d go ape if she found out I spent the
night here”.

Another question from me. “What time is it?” “About 4.30 in the morning,
you’ve been here for a day and a half”.

I thought for a minute. “All this because I decided to tell everyone that
we were lovers”.

“Hey wait a minute it wasn’t just you , I stood beside you when we declared
our love for each other”.

He was quite for a while and I could sense something was amiss.

“What is it baby what’s worrying you?.

More silence and I could see Derek’s head drop down and he began crying.

“What is it what’s the matter”.

“Your father came in and started to make all sorts of accusations, he
threatened me saying I seduced you and led you astray and he was going to
the police, plus he was going to make sure that I never saw you again”.

He burst into tears sobbing his heart out and holding onto me for grim

“I will never give you up and as long as you want me that’s the way it will

My heart was breaking at these words. How could my own flesh and blood be
so cruel. I hated my father with a passion and wished he was dead.

Just then a nurse came in and told Derek that he had better make himself
scarce because matron would be around soon.

Derek kissed me gently and said. “See you later baby”.

“Don’t be away too long please”. I pleaded because right now I needed my
lover by my side more than anything else in the world.

Well declaring their love did not go down too well did it. And there’s more
to come. Any comments good or bad write me please. I will try and answer
them all

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy