Chapter 15


This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

After a barely edible breakfast which I didn’t eat much of, snoopy matron
came round making sure everything was tidy the sheets were straight
etc. before doctors rounds. After she had left I closed my eyes and dozed
off again feeling worn out in mind and body.

It seemed like hours but I think it was only a few minutes before I was
waken with the feel of soft tender lips on mine.

“Good morning sweetheart” I heard a voice say and knew straight away it was
my lover, Derek.

“Hi darling” I replied. “How are you feeling”. He asked.

“Fucking starving” I moaned. “The food here is disgusting”.

He laughed and said, “Mum thought it would be and sent in bacon and egg
sandwiches “.

“She’s a lovely lady, thank her for me will you”.

He kissed me again and then instructed me to eat which I did with gusto.

I’d barely finished eating when my doctor arrived with matron and a nurse
following behind like tame puppy dogs. Matron glared at Cliff and told him
to leave.

I spoke up. “I want him to stay and hear what the doctor as to say”.

Matron spluttered and said. “That is against the rules Mr Steele he
shouldn’t be here at all”.

“If he is not allowed to stay then I will discharge myself right now”.

“Let him stay matron it will be ok” I heard the doctor say.

“umph” was the only reaction we got from Matron and if looks could kill my
lover and I would be on our way to hell right now.

” How are you feeling?’ The doctor asked “Any pain anywhere”.

” A bit of a headache and my ribs hurt when I move a bit too quick”. I told

He prodded and poked me a bit asking if it hurt when he touched me. When he
had finished he looked at my chart and was silent for a while.

“When can I go home?” I asked.

“I’d like to make sure that the concussion is completely gone. That was a
very nasty one. You were in a pretty bad way when you came in here. Perhaps
tomorrow morning if the headaches have gone completely, but you will have
to take it very easy for a while”.

I thought in for a penny in for a pound. “Can Derek my boyfriend stay with
me I’m sure his company will speed up my recovery”.

Another umph from matron and the nurse smiled while the doctor said “I
don’t see why not, your certainly a lot brighter when he’s around, but no
strenuous activity understand” He said with a grin.

“No doctor”. I grinned back, trying my best to look innocent . I could see

Matron was not happy. “Doctor may I remind that I am responsible for the
ward and the patients and I am totally against this”.

“Have a little bit of compassion matron. If need be I will write it up on
Mr Steele’s chart“

“There will be no need for that doctor” Matron answered stiffly.

I looked at Derek and grinned.

They all trooped out matron looking decidedly unhappy. Derek came up to the
bed and kissed me before gently cuddling me making sure he didn’t hurt
me. “OK Baby?’ I asked. “Yes “. he replied “I love you and it hurts me to
see you hurt”.

I smiled and told him to put the curtains right around the bed so we could
have some privacy.

“Come here” I said ” You must be ready for a bit if therapy yourself seeing
as we haven’t been together for a couple or so days”.

Derek grinned then looked serious. “We can’t do anything because it will
hurt you”.

“Oh I think what I have in mind will be alright Come here right up to the
edge of the bed”.

It hurt like hell to move but I tried not to show it as I turned to face
him with my face level with his private area. I reached over and undid his
belt and trousers lowering them and then his underpants. My hand began
fondling his cock and it soon started to rise. I leaned forward a bit more
and licked around the top before slowly taking it into my mouth. Derek
leaned forward so that I could have more access to his beautiful rampant
dick. I took it all the way down so his pubic hairs tickled my nose. Derek
slowly and timidly moved his hand down under the sheet to grab hold of my
cock. I winced a bit because it was also a bit tender like the rest of my
body. He stopped and moved his hand away quickly muttering sorry. “Don’t
move away it will be ok” I said. “a bit of pain I can put up with”.

I put his cock back in my mouth and slowly moved my lips up and down taking
all of it into me and then back out to the limit. Meanwhile my lover began
slowly wanking my cock. It seemed like days since we had done anything to
each other and I knew we would both blow fairly quickly. I began humming
which I knew would drive him crazy and he began fucking my mouth faster and
faster. It was less painful for me to stay still and let him do all the
work. He sped up and I was close to coming as well. “I’m cumming” Derek
shouted “Shush ” I panted “Me too”. We both blasted load after load mine
being caught in Derek’s hand while his flowed down my throat. I thought my
god when’s he going to stop as wave after wave hit the back of my
throat. Just as we started to come back down we heard someone discreetly
cough and we both jerked apart and looked round. Standing there just inside
the curtain was a young police constable.

“Sorry to intrude but I need to get a statement from you Mr Steele”. We
both went a deep red and the constable chuckled.

“I’m constable Jenkins, Steve. Sorry to burst on you two like that. I don’t
mind what you were doing but don’t let my sergeant catch you”.

We both sighed with relief and Derek said, “No sir we won’t”.

“Please call me Steve after what I just witnessed I think we can dispense
with the formalities don’t you?’

He continued, “I’m not an homosexual in fact I’m getting married in a
months time, but live and let live is my belief. I need to take a statement
from you about what happened in that classroom”.

“Well I can’t tell you much because all I can remember is being forced into
the classroom and the rest is just a blank”.

“Well just tell me what you can remember”.

I told him what had occurred and how I was taken into the room and then
nothing. “How do you know who they are?” I asked.

“The janitor saw the four of them come out of the classroom and run off and
he went to investigate and saw you lying on the floor. At first he thought
you where dead but found a weak pulse. He identified them to us and they
have been arrested and are in a juvenile facility until their trial.”

“Will I have to give evidence” I asked.

“Possibly if they plead not guilty”.

Derek asked me if I would be ok doing that. “Yes “. I replied angrily. “I
want those bastards put away for a long time. There was no need for them to
do what they did. Why couldn’t they leave us alone”. I started to cry and
Derek held me and kissed away my tears all the time uttering soothing words
of comfort.

I looked up and saw Steve with tears in his eyes as well.

“I might be an old softy” he said. “but it’s wonderful to see two people so
much in love with each other even if they are of the same gender. If my
girl and I can be half as loving as you are we will have a wonderful

“Thank you Steve, as you can see we do love each other dearly and all we
want is to go through life loving and being together”.

Steve got out his handkerchief and noisily blew into it. He closed his
notebook wishing us both the best of luck saying that he would be in touch
about the trial and so on.

After he had gone my lover said “Thank goodness we got a nice friendly

“Yes he’s a good man I hope he has a happy marriage”.

Derek got onto the bed next to me and we lay close together our bodies
touching. I think we must have both drifted off to sleep and the next voice
we heard was some one saying. “What a lovely sight”.

We both woke with a start to see Mr Garth our headmaster standing there
with a big smile on his face. He asked what the doctor had said and we also
told him the police had been. He nodded and said.” I intend to make sure
that those four are punished to the full extent of the law. It will also be
a deterrent for others. I’m sorry because I feel that I pushed you boys
into proclaiming your love and I shouldn’t”.

“No sir” I said “We made the final decision ourselves and what we did may
have been a bit premature but I think it was the right thing to do”.

“I agree” said Derek. “We had to tell everyone before nasty rumours started
to fly around”.

“If there is anything I can do for you boys please let me know”.

“Thanks you sir you are a marvellous man and we can’t thank you enough for
your kindness and understanding”.

He smiled said his goodbyes and left. Just then lunch arrived the nurse
sneaking in an extra portion for Cliff. It was chicken or something and was
a bit better than breakfast. We were both very hungry so we had to eat
it. During the course of the afternoon our parents came in along with John
Waddington who informed me that the school wanted another play before the
end of the year. He had picked one a comedy not too demanding with the lead
role ideal for me. If you feel up to it he asked.

“of course I will” I answered with a grin. “Just as long as my favourite
stage hand is there”. They both laughed and indicated that would be ok.

“I also have a note here which Bruce asked me to give to you and make sure
only you read it”. I looked puzzled and Derek did too.

“What’s the big secret”. I asked

“Read the note all will be revealed”.

Derek moved away but I motioned him to come and read it with me.

“We have no secrets from each other darling”

I started to read and a look of sheer surprised came on my face. This is
what it said.

`My dear Cliff, The time we met at Bruce and John’s house was sheer love
and pleasure and I would love to meet you there again very soon for what I
hope will be a very private sexy session. You are beautiful and I fell in
love with you the minute I saw you, I have yearned for your body ever since
that day. If you agree (and I dearly hope you will) I would like it to be
in private just you and me. I realise that you and Derek are deeply in love
but I pray that you will be able to tare yourself away from his arms and
into mine. Rama had to go back to India for a family bereavement and I
don’t think he will be back this term.

Looking forward to your loving arms holding me and your gorgeous lips
kissing me.

Love and kisses etc and following that was the name of Rama’s old lover
who’s name I cannot mention because of his position in the royal household.

I read it through again and was stunned “fucking hell” was all I could
utter. Derek looked decidedly unhappy. “He’s got a fucking nerve asking you
to go behind my back and fuck him”.

He thought for a while his looks getting blacker and blacker “I suppose if
I hadn’t been here you would have gone behind my back and done him
anyway. Just because he’s fucking royalty”.

I was getting angry myself at his attitude. “How dare you doubt that I
would stoop so low to do something like that. Don’t the words of love I
tell you mean anything to you?’

We both went quite and looked away from each wallowing in our anger and

John Waddington very discreetly said his goodbyes and left leaving us
alone. Neither of us spoke for what felt like ages. Derek was the first to
speak. “Do you realise we have just had our first lovers tiff”.

At that I looked at him and he looked at me and we both burst out laughing.

We hugged hurting my ribs like hell but I didn’t care.

“I love you Derek so very much”.

“I love you too so very much Cliff”.

“So what sort of a reply do I give him after all it is a sort of royal
command” I said with a grin. “if I disobey I might get locked up in the
tower of London and he might let all those beefeaters have their way with

Derek laughed then got serious and said. “if you want to do what he asks
that’s all right with me”.

“I don’t want to do anything without you there.” I replied After thinking
it out some more I said. “What if you are there as well with Ian and we
have a foursome session. The Prince will get his rocks off and so will we
and everyone will be Happy all round. I will tell him that that’s the way
it has to be or not at all”.

Derek reached over to kiss me and he mumbled “Thank you, my love. I do love
you and need you for ever”.

I burst out laughing and Derek said “What?”.

“Does this mean that I can have the royal coat of arms tattooed onto my
dick and tell everyone it’s by royal appointment just like some products

We burst out laughing so loud that the nurse came in and asked us to keep
it down because the matron was not happy about us anyway and she was giving
them all a hard time.

We mumbled our apologies and Derek asked the nurse to turn the lights down
because I was tired and needed to have a sleep. Anyway it was getting dark
outside. She did and then my darling Derek got into bed beside me taking me
into his arms whispering “Goodnight sweetheart, love you”. “Me too” I
replied and we soon drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we went through the same routine with washing, changing
dressings, breakfast and so on. The doctor arrived on his rounds and I told
him my headaches had almost gone and apart from the sore ribs I was in
pretty good shape.

“Well I’d like to keep you in for another day but I know your keen to leave
us so you can go home on the strict understanding that you take it easy
nothing taxing or you will be back in here”.

“Thank you doctor for all you’ve done for me and you too nurse”. I ignored
the matron.

As soon as they went I got my clothes and Derek helped me to get
dressed. He then went to phone Mr Garth who apparently had asked him to so
he could take me home in his car. In fact he had picked up my mother
because without my father at home she had to go out to work and bring some
money in.

As soon as we got home I was ordered to bed and Mr Garth suggested that
Derek might just think about going back to school soon. Derek protested at
this pointing out that with my mother working someone was needed to look
after my needs.

Mr Garth smiled and said.” alright but I expect you back at school as soon
as Cliff is able to look after himself”.

He left and mum went back to work while Derek made me sandwiches for lunch.

He joined me in bed and we cuddled while we ate. After lunch we both slept
for a while and as usual when sleeping with my lover I was waken by a mouth
on my swelling dick.

“I love you Cliff”. he moaned while working away doing what he does best.

“Me too” I replied. “I want you to make love to me and fill me with your
juice”. he said.

“oh baby I don’t think I can yet my ribs are far too sore”.

He grinned that cheeky grin he had when something devious was going to
happen and said “Don’t worry you just lie back and enjoy yourself and let
me do the work. If it hurts just tell me and I’ll stop straight away”.

He pulled back the sheets and I laid straight out with my legs slightly
apart with my lover squatting over me slowly lowered himself onto my cock
which by now was standing up straight. Slowly he lowered himself gently
spearing his arse on my cock. He kept going down until I was fully in him
and believe me it felt sensational. Derek then began slowly moving up and
down on my hard as a rock dick.

I started moaning not in pain but in ecstasy as he gradually increased in
speed. I realised that he couldn’t keep this up for long and willed myself
to cum as quickly as possible and when I did I sent a big load into his
willing hole. He clamped himself tight around my cock until I was totally
empty, then he carefully rolled off to the side before kissing me tenderly
and once again declaring his love for me.

“Thank you sweetheart, you are so kind and considerate I don’t really
deserve someone as loving and caring as you”.

” Oh yes you do because you are just the same as I am and I love you for

I felt well enough to go downstairs in the evening for dinner with the

Mum looked concerned and troubled. “What’s the matter mum?” I asked.

“Your father rang me at work today, he wants to come round tomorrow to
talk. I think it would be better if you weren’t here”.

“Maybe I should be here and tell the bastard what I think of him” I angrily

“language Cliff” My mother said. “I don’t want any more trouble than we all
ready have. I don’t think I could handle it. Derek would it be possible for
your mother to pick you both up and take you to your place?”

“I don’t think that would be a problem”. My lover replied. “I’ll go down to
the phone box right now and arrange for mum to pick us up early tomorrow”.

“Thank you son, I hope I can call you that, because I look upon you as
another son”.

Derek went over to give my mum a kiss on the cheek and a hug before telling
her. “I love you just as much as I do my own parents all three of you are
so good to us”.

So it was arranged that we would go to Derek’s tomorrow. I started to feel
a bit sore and weary so Derek helped me up the to bed. We lay in each
others arms all night, and I felt so contented and in love.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy