Chapter 16


This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

The next morning we moved to Derek’s place and I settled down to recover
from my injuries. Our extracurricular activities were restricted by my
broken ribs and other aches and pains. Soon it was Saturday and I was
feeling much fitter than I had been. Saturday morning my lover and I with
Ian in tow headed for John and Bruce’s place for my meeting with HRH (I’ll
call him that for now). Bruce was just fixing lunch and he invited us to
join them because our royal visitor had not yet arrived. We’d just finished
eating when he arrived and when he saw Derek and Ian with me he looked
decidedly unhappy. “I was hoping that we would be alone Cliff because I
quite frankly really do love you in fact I’ve fallen head over heels”.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and lay it on the line.. “Let’s get it straight right from the start, Derek and I are partners and hopefully will be for life. We love each other dearly. I think you’re a great guy but there is no chance of us being an item.”
Looking even unhappier he replied. “At least make love to me this
afternoon. Since Rama left for India I have been going crazy with only my right hand to rely on for relief”.
“That’s fine by me lets go into the bedroom now but Derek and Ian are
coming with us. Plus you never know what might happen and it might turn out good”.
We went into the spare bedroom and as soon as the door was closed I took
HRH into my arms and kissed him my tongue forcing itself between his lips
and teeth to wrestle with his tongue. He moaned and said softly “Oh Cliff I love you”.
I broke away and said yet again. “That’s ok but just remember Derek is my boyfriend for life”.
Derek butted in and told him. “There is no way in the world that I will let you take my man from me”.
That statement sent shivers down my spine when yet again I realised that
Derek truly did love me.
We began kissing again and moved over to the bed were we continued with HRH moving his hand down to fondle my cock through my pants. I put my hands
around him cupping his buttocks and thinking Oh god there bloody beautiful.
We pulled apart again and got undressed very quickly. I found myself
staring at this gorgeous figure of a man facing me. I thought if I hadn’t
met Derek first this one just might have stood a chance. He was shaped to perfection with very little hair on his body just a small tuft of golden
blonde hair in his pubic region. We got into another clinch humping our
cocks together while kissing. I stopped long enough to wet a finger and
insert it gently into his hole. He moaned and pushed back so my digit went
in further. I then used two fingers and finally three disappeared up his
arse. He moaned and squirmed on my fingers before demanding, no not
demanding begging that I fuck him. “I want you doggie style” I told him. He turned over on his hands and knees with his hole pointing to the sky. I positioned myself behind him and aimed my rampant cock at his lovely pink hole. I slowly entered him then went all the way in, it felt wonderful and HRH began moaning and asking me to fuck him harder which of course I did. Derek was in the same position as I was with Ian and we leaned over to kiss each other while we pistoned our sex partners. It wasn’t long before I felt myself cumming to a great climax. HRH guessed as much and clamped my cock tightly into his hole. The amount of juice I sent rushing into him was unbelievable.
I moved off him into the arms of my lover while HRH and Ian lay back on the bed well and truly stuffed.
My lover and I kissed and hugged each other and then noticed that HRH and
Ian were 69′ing like crazy.
“lets put some clothes on and get a drink in the kitchen” I suggested to my man. He nodded and we left the two of them going at it hammer and tongs.
“Well it looks as if Ian’s going to replace you with the royalty” Derek
“Mind you he’s a bloody good fuck you should try him some time”.
Derek got that glint in his eye and said “so are you lover”.
He reached across and began kissing me again and fondling my buttocks this
time. “Why don’t you lean across the kitchen table” he whispered in my
ear. I did and felt my pants being removed and then felt my sweethearts
cock being pushed between my cheeks. “OOOOh that feels good” I said as he slowly began pumping into me and then withdrawing all the way out.
We both began moaning and groaning with enjoyment, while Derek reached down to begin wanking my cock in rhythm with his fucking of my arse.
At my urging he began speeding up pumping my hole and my cock got harder
and harder until I knew we were both close to shooting again.
“Fuck me harder” I shouted which he did then my lover screamed at the top
of his voice “I’M CUMMMING”. And cum we both did, me on the kitchen table
and Derek in my willing hole.
Just then we heard applause and cheering looked up and there was four naked
horny guys at their bedroom doors cheering us on and shouting encore
encore. Ian then said to HRH ” why don’t we try that” and grabbing hold of his royal dick led him back into the bedroom and closed the door.
Bruce looked in amazement at us and said “Well it didn’t take him long to get over your rejection did it?”
“He knew he didn’t have a hope in hell” I replied. Our two teachers
prepared supper for us leaving the other two in the bedroom to fuck
themselves silly. By this time I was getting a bit tired and my head was
aching and my ribs were sore so I suggested to Derek that we head for
home. “Sure thing darling” holding me tenderly in his arms. John said he
would drive us home.
Once home we went straight to bed and off to sleep with just a goodnight
kiss and cuddle. I begin thinking how wonderful it was to be lying next to my lover night after night not always having sex but touching each other
right through the night. It was great couldn’t be better. The next day being Sunday I slept late while Derek helped his father do a few jobs around the house and garden.
In the afternoon we went round to see my mother and find out what had
happened with my father. Mum as always was in the kitchen clearing up after Sunday dinner. We both walked in said hello mum and kissed her on the cheek.
“What happened with dad” I asked “Well he’s got this new job with a house
as well about 10 miles from here the only snag is to get the job I have to be with him because it is looking after a church school and I have some
duties to do as well”.
“Are you going to go with him” I asked perhaps a little bit too gruffly.
” I think so, do you mind?”. she asked with tears in her eyes.
“It’s a lovely house and the work I’m doing now is very hard I will have a bit more time to myself”.
I put my arms round her hugging her tight. “Oh mum and what if he gets up to his old tricks again which I’m sure he will”.
“He’s promised me that’s all over”.
“Oh yes just like the last time and the time before that. And what about
Derek and I we would never see you, we certainly couldn’t sleep there”.
I was slowly getting angry and my voice getting louder.
Derek came round and hugged us both saying.” You can always stay at our
place and see your mum now and then during the day or at weekends”.
“I don’t just want to sneak around seeing my own mother in secret just
because my arsehole of a father hates me”. by now tears were streaming down my face and I felt utterly miserable and sad.
“What’s the point of living if I can’t be with my mother”.
Derek said sharply “Don’t you dare think things like that. Your mother
loves you dearly I love you and my parents love along with a lot of other
people so stop that kind of talk RIGHT NOW” He’d never raised his voice at me in fact I had never heard him raise is voice ever and that brought me back to earth with a jolt.
“Sorry” I sobbed ” I didn’t mean to say that but the whole situation with
my father is hopeless”.
We were all silent with our own thoughts for quite a while until I spoke
out again.
“Stuff him, If Derek and I want to come home and spend time with you mum
and sleep in our own bed then we will. He will just have to learn to put up with it. If it hadn’t been for me begging Mr Garth not to tell the police
about his underage sex antics he would be in jail now”.
“Mum he toes the line or goes to jail, that’s it”.
“Ok Cliff: mum said “but please take it easy with him for my sake. I don’t
think I can take much more”.
“Sorry mum I promise. I love you too much to see you hurt”.
We both gave her a kiss and a hug before heading back to Derek’s
place. Earlier we had decided that we would both go to school tomorrow.
The next morning Monday I woke early and lay in bed next to my lover, who
was still sound asleep. I pondered what was school going to be like to day, my first day back since my beating. I reached over to caress my darling and noticed he was already hard. I grinned wondering what he was dreaming
about, I moved down in the bed to take his cock in my mouth and to lick up and down the shaft. He was already leaking precum which I lapped up before taking him all the way down my throat. He began moaning and moved his hands behind my head to guide me even harder and deeper. His eyes were still closed but I don’t think he was asleep. His pushing the back of my head grew faster and more insistent and I knew he was getting close. Suddenly his balls contracted and his tool became rigid before sending his love juice down my willing throat. The sweet but salty taste was heavenly and I swallowed every last drop before letting his slackening cock loose.
Still with his eyes closed he moved onto his back and lifted his legs in
the air pointing his lovely pink hole upwards. I took the hint straight
away and slowly pushed my cock into him. He sighed and raised himself up
even further to make sure I entered all the way. I began to slowly fuck his beautiful arse savouring my lovers body while I did it.
It was my turn to moan, it was so wonderful. I noticed that Derek had his
eyes open now and he was looking at me and grinning.
“What?’ I asked “Nothing I’m just so happy to be where I am with you were
you are. Now fuck me and fuck me hard cum in my guts give me a baby”.
“Oh if only I could”. I replied.
I sped up and began to screw my lover in earnest ramming into him and then
pulling out to my cock tip as I got faster and faster he responded by
moving in time with me so that we were like one joined together on our way
to the ultimate climax. I could fell my juice gathering ready to burst
forth and I slammed my cock in as far as it would go and shot load after
load into his willing hole. Sweat was dripping from both of our bodies as I collapsed on top of him and kissed him long and deep.
“I love you darling Derek”. “and I love you” he replied.
An urgency to take a piss ended the moment as we both dashed for the
bathroom. Being sweaty and cum stained we decided to take a bath (no
showers back then) and sat in the bath tub together washing each other
between hugs kisses and other stuff of course.
It all came to an end when Derek’s father knocked on the door telling us to hurry up and breakfast was on the table.
After breakfast we hurried off to school in time for morning
assembly. Several teachers, students and our headmaster Mr Garth came up to welcome us while others walking past staring at us as if we where circus
freaks or something.
During assembly Mr Garth welcomed us back and pointed out that any
intimidation or bullying by anyone would be dealt with severely.
After assembly I was told to go see Mr Waddington about the play before
going to horticulture class. Derek came with me to see John Waddington. No one was in his classroom so he gave us both a hug and a peck on the cheek.
“Your friend Ian and HRH were at it till well after nine o’clock last
night” He told us with a grin. “I think that a relationship was started and I noticed Ian walking very slowly and stiffly this morning.” We all laughed at that and Derek commented that it was good to see Ian finding a lover at last.
We discussed the play which I had already started to learn and Mr W said
that he would be auditioning the other parts this afternoon after school
and did we want to go along and help him choose. We agreed and were just
leaving his room when Constable Steve the one who took my statement in
hospital came in.
“Hi I’m glad I found the two of you together because I have something to
ask you”. he said. “As I told you I’m getting married in just over four
weeks and I was talking to my fiancé Janice about the wedding. You see I don’t have many friends or family around here and so far haven’t decided on a best man and I wondered if one of you would like to be him”.
We both looked a bit stunned I think at the invite and this put Steve off a bit.
“Of course if you don’t want to I will understand after all we don’t really
now each other very well and it must sound weird that an almost complete
stranger should ask this. Derek looked at me and I nodded. “We will, I would be delighted but I think Cliff would be best because he has the gift of the gab”.
I smiled and said “Steve it would be an honour and thank you for thinking
of us, but won’t some of your wedding party think it strange that you asked
a couple of homo’ boys ?”
“Thank you guys you’ve made mine and Janice day. I don’t care what others
think I want you two because you are the most honest genuine folk I have
come across”.
We thanked him and I thought what the hell and went up to him and gave him a hug. Derek followed suit and Steve accepted this show of affection
without any hint of embarrassment. “Derek I’d like you to be part of the wedding party as my second groomsman.”
“Thanks” he replied.
Steve continued “Here’s your statement typed up and ready for your
signature Cliff”. I read and signed it before asking him how the case was
“Slowly”. He said “Worst of all they have been granted bail and they are
now out on the streets, but part of the bail terms are that they do not
approach you or have any contact whatsoever”.
After exchanging address’s and stuff he went on his way and Derek and I
parted to go to classes. We both met up with Ian at lunchtime and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.
“Come on then give us all the gory details” Derek demanded.
“Not much to tell” Ian remarked coyly.
“Oh come of it” I said. “John told us you were at it for hours and I bet
you weren’t talking about the royal corgis. Ooops I shouldn’t have
mentioned that”. Luckily no one was listening. “He’s quite a guy: Ian continued. “I think I’m falling in love” He blushed a deep red and continued. “plus I think he loves me as well”.
We both hugged him and congratulated him. “I hope it works out Ok for the
both of you” I said and Derek nodded his agreement.
“He is a lot more experienced than I am and made me feel so special. We did everything and some more, stuff I’d never dreamed about, even standing up walking around the room with my legs around him and his cock up my arse. It was unreal”. Saying this Ian got a dreamy look in his eyes and we noticed
the tent in his pants.
“Are you seeing him again?” Derek asked.
“Yes tonight at John and Bruce’s”. he replied.
Derek and I left him with his dreams and headed back to our next
class. Derek said quietly. “I’m so glad Ian has found someone it was
worrying me that he was so lonely and felt out of place”.
“Yes I like Ian a lot I just hope he doesn’t get hurt. I started to grin,
Derek spotted it and said. “What devious dirty scheme are you plotting
“I was just thinking that we should have another hot session with our two
teachers, John and Bruce after all we didn’t do much last time did we?’
Laughing Derek said. “I was thinking the same thing earlier today. It’s
seduction time again.”
We both headed for classes laughing and thinking of the next sex session
with our two favourite school teachers.

Well our lovers appear to be going along a bit more smoothly now.
Let me know what you think I will try and answer all your e mails

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy