Chapter 17

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

My afternoon lessons were as boring as hell and I was glad when the final
bell for the day sounded. Derek was waiting for me and I said. “Hang on a
minute we’ll pop into John Waddington’s class room and tell him we are
coming round tonight to talk to him and Bruce about the play”.

Derek grinned “and then?” “Well let’s see what comes up when we get
there”. I answered

We both laughed and walked into his room. He was just about to leave and we
told him what we wanted to do tonight.

“Ok “. he said. “What about seven O’clock?”

We agreed to that and headed for Derek’s place. We weren’t too sure about
going to my home yet because of my father. We had tea with his mum and dad
and told them where we were going.

Derek’s dad said “That’s all right but make sure you are home no later than

We agreed to this and headed out on our bikes. This was the first time
since I was injured that I had tried to cycle and my ribs started to hurt a
bit but I kept going not bothering my lover with my problems.

Just up the road we noticed a black car with tinted windows parked which
meant that His Royal Highness (HRH) was there with we assumed Ian.

On the way over we had worked out a plan of attack to get to seduce our
teacher and his partner. They greeted us with the usual kiss on the cheek
and a cuddle and I went and sat next to John while it was Derek’s turn with
Bruce this time.

As soon as we sat down I grabbed John and started kissing him my tongue
forcing his lips apart while Derek did the same to Bruce. This caught them
totally by surprised. John resisted at first but I persisted and soon he
was kissing me back and his tongue was in my mouth as well. I moved my hand
down to his crotch and he was already well on the way to being
hard. Rubbing his dick through his pants I could feel a wet patch of precum
already staining the material. He broke off and reminded me “We shouldn’t
be doing this”. “I know”. I replied with a grin and continued my attack on
his mouth and cock.

I heard Derek say “Come with me” so I said the same taking John by the arm
and leading him into their bedroom. When all four of us where inside I
locked the door and began undressing my favourite teacher, while Derek was
mirroring my movements. Soon both of them were naked and we both undressed
quickly throwing off our clothes. That done we pushed them both onto the
bed and started on their rampant cocks, licking and sucking, taking their
balls into our mouths until both of them (and I think us as well) were
moaning and groaning with pleasure. It was obvious that they where ready to
shoot and we clamped down on their cocks to catch and not waste any of
their sweet juice. John stiffened up and blew a massive load into my mouth
and I heard Bruce do the same to my lover. It tasted great and I didn’t
waste a drop. I then went back to kissing him while reaching behind to
insert a finger into his hole, slowly pushing all the way in. I started
rotating my finger and this sent John into a frenzy especially when I added
another digit and did the same with it.

He was screaming “Fuck me Cliff fuck me please”. I turned him over on his
side and replaced my fingers with my cock slowly inserting it into his
arse. He was so far gone that right then I could have done anything I
wanted to with him. I started to slowly fuck him my cock going right in to
limit and then out to it’s helmet head. It felt heavenly and I could tell
John was loving it. Suddenly I felt someone’s dick prodding my hole and
looked back to see Bruce positioning himself to screw me. He slowly
inserted his cock and matched my rhythm as I fucked John. I then felt more
pressure and realised that Derek had began fucking Bruce. Wow I thought a
four way fuck. It took a while for us to get our pumping synchronised but
soon we where shagging in harmony and slowly speeding up. I didn’t have to
do much work because the pushing and pulling of the other two guided my
cock in and out of John’s hole.

We all started to speed up and it felt incredible to have my dick up
someone’s arse while I was being fucked and knowing that at the end of the
line was my own lover. After about twenty minutes of good steady screwing
my ribs were starting to hurt like hell but I didn’t care because I did not
want this great sensation to be over.

Faster and faster we got and I felt my balls tightening up ready to shoot
and I wasn’t the only one I could tell. “I’m cumming” I yelled and two
other voices said “Me too”.

Then it happened I shot load after load into John while Bruce did the same
to me and from the noise coming from behind me I was sure Derek was doing
the same.

All of us were panting and out of breath as we came down from a fantastic

We rolled over and all four of us laid together on the king size bed
totally spent except for John who had yet to cum again.

I pointed out John’s plight to the other two and we all moved around so
that John was in the middle and Bruce began kissing him and sucking on his
nipples while Derek and I took turns at sucking his magnificent cock and
balls. Soon he was ready to shoot and we slowly rubbed his cock with our
mouths on either side hoping to catch as much of his spunk as we
could. John shouted “I’m cumming boys”. and his juice began spurting up
from his cock while my lover and I caught a couple of mouthfuls each.

We then laid back and cuddled our respected partners I kissed Derek and
said. “That was awesome, these guys can really fuck but don’t forget it’s
you I love and always will”.

Derek smiled. “I love you too and that’s the way it will always be my

We noticed both our teachers were smiling at us and Bruce broke the
silence. “I have never seen two young guys so in love as much as you
two. It is truly wonderful”. I could see tears forming in his eyes and I
reached over to kiss him gently on the lips.

“You guys are great” Derek said. “Thank you for that awesome session. We
love you guys too”.

I looked at the clock and noticed that we would have to hurry and rush to
be home in time. We dressed quickly kissed our hosts goodbye and headed to
get our bikes and pedal home as fast as we could.

We got to Derek’s place with about five minutes to spare. Derek’s parents
had already gone to bed but their light was on so they were waiting for us

My darling boy made cocoa for us both and we sat at the kitchen table
drinking it.

“Well baby we learnt something new tonight”. Derek said

“Yes, what a session I’m totally stuffed” I replied.

“You sure where” Derek said with a laugh.

I got a bit serious and said “We are well over half way through the school
year and not a lot of time left till we leave school and we should start
looking to the future”.

Derek had a look of gloom on his face at this remark. “I would die if we
were unable to be together”.

“Me too but we might have to face up to it that it could happen and we
should think about the future very soon. Everything is pretty rosy right
now, but lets face facts and decide pretty soon about our future”.

Derek said nothing just sat there looking very unhappy. Suddenly he said
“Come on let’s go to bed”.

This sudden statement took me by surprise and I obediently followed him up
the stairs. We silently performed our nightly ablutions and got into bed.

Derek reached over to cuddle me and burst into tears. I cuddled him back
and said. “Hey baby what’s the matter? Have I done or said something

“No” He sobbed. “it’s just the thought that we might be apart when we leave
school and I couldn’t cope with that. I love you so much Cliff to be apart
from you for any length of time would kill me”.

“Darling don’t worry we’ll work things out and I’m sure everything will be

“But, but what if you go to agricultural college you will be a boarder and
I won’t see you”.

I thought about that for a moment and replied.” I’ll be home every weekend
darling and have holidays as well so it shouldn’t be too bad”.

“No I suppose not” he grudgingly replied. “But if you don’t go to college
you will have to do national service and that will be two years with only
being with you occasionally. You will be gone for months on end”. This
started the tears flowing again and I too began crying.

“Don’t worry darling we’ll find a way” and on that remark we kissed long
and deep before drifting off to sleep in each others arms.

Next morning we overslept and had to rush breakfast and got to school just
in time for assembly.

After as we were leaving to go to classes Ian came up grinning like mad and
said. “You guys sounded as if you were having a good time last night”.

We laughed and I said. “Yes it wasn’t bad”. “Wasn’t bad. It was fucking
incredible” Derek said with a laugh.

Ian added “Anyway we got some benefit as well because the noises you were
making got us two horny as hell and we also had an incredible session”.

He had an excited look on his face and I could tell he was bursting to tell
us something else.

Derek laughing said “Come on what is it, your dying to tell us something
aren’t you?”

“Since I was a toddler I’ve never been able to keep a secret from you
Derek” he replied.

Curiosity was driving us both crazy. “For fucks sake tell us then”. I said

Ian looked around to make sure no one could hear him and beckoned us to
come closer. “I’ve been invited to Windsor castle for the half term

We both looked stunned and for a while lost for words.

I spoke first. “Shit it must be serious if he his taking you home to meet
mum and dad.”

Derek added. “Especially THAT mum & dad”.

Ian was beaming, but then he started to get serious.

“It’s Ok for you two guys you’ve declared to the world what you are, but
even my folks don’t know I’m gay and to go where I’ve been invited how am I
going to do this without telling them that I’m madly in love with one of
the most important boys in the world”.

I thought for a minute then said. “Do his folks know about him?’.

“Not really but he said they have suspicions”.

Derek said. “Ian baby you have a problem and it looks as if you are both in
love with each other as well”.

“Yes, we really are and its getting serious. We were even talking about how
we could manage to live together when we left school”.

I looked at Derek and said. “We are not the only one’s with that kind of

My lover nodded. “Yes. Look Ian we both love you dearly and if we can do
anything to help just ask”.

“Well” he drawled slowly “I was thinking that maybe it would help if you
guys were there when I told my folk”.

We looked at each other and Derek answered for the both of us. “Of course
we will if you think it will help. Perhaps you should talk to John about
this and get some advice from him”

“Alright I’ll go see him after school today.”

On that note we parted to go to our classes. I was working in the school
greenhouse but not concentrating on what I was doing because so many
problems were going through my mind. There was Ian to think of, and more
importantly Derek and my life after school. Although I hadn’t admitted it
to Derek I too didn’t think I could cope with being apart from my lover for
a long period of time. What was going to happen to us. After school we
decided to pop around to see my mum and find out what was happening with my

When we walked in my sisters were doing homework and mum was helping
them. “Thank goodness you’ve come” she remarked. “I’m helping the girls
with homework and not doing too good can you help us out”.

“Sure mum” I said and sat between the girls with Derek on the other side
and we sorted out Maths and English.

The girls thanked us and headed for their room to change and get ready for

“What’s happening with dad” I asked “He’s coming to tea tonight and were
going to work out a few things.” mum replied.

“What things?” I replied darkly.

“About my giving up work and moving into the new house that goes with his
new job”.

“Oh mum, have you thought this through. He’ll only end up hurting you

Mum had tears in her eyes when she replied. “I can’t keep working and
looking after the girls as well on my own Cliff, and the money is good with
this job he`s got, I’m at my wits end. This is the only way out”. she then
burst into tears.

“Well I’m sorry mum but don’t blame me when everything comes apart again
which it will”. I spoke perhaps a bit too loudly at my mother but I was
getting mad not with her but my shithouse father.

Derek came up to me very quietly and said. “Cliff please don’t talk to your
mother like that can’t you see she’s only trying to do what’s best for
everyone including you”.

I stood stock still and realised my lover was talking sense if it had been
anyone else talking to mum like that I would have flattened them.

I put my arm around Derek and reached over to put my other arm around my
loving mother. Tears started welling up in my eyes and I thought good lord
I’m doing a lot of crying lately.

“Sorry mum, sorry Derek whenever we talk about my father I see red and
don’t think before I open my mouth.”

I reached over and kissed mum on the lips and then did something which I
haven’t done in front of my mother before. I kissed Derek fully and
passionately on the lips.

Mum watched this display with affection in her eyes. “Oh boys it so good to
see you two so happy and in love which each other. I wish my marriage had
been as good as yours, but I’d rather you didn’t kiss like that in front of
anyone. Your sisters could have come in just then and I don’t want them to
see you and Derek like that”.

Both Derek and I looked a bit shocked at that remark after all your mother
just said she was happy that her son and his boyfriend were happily

Derek smiled and kissed me again before kissing mum and saying “Thank you
for giving me your son and sorry for the display”

Wow this talk was freaking me out and I couldn’t be happier.

“When you talk to dad what are you going to tell him about us”. I asked.

Mum replied. “Is it alright if I tell him that you two are now partners?”

“Yes, and he can like it or lump it”. I said.

I then added “You can also tell him that form time to time we will be
staying overnight so we can see you and the girls and we will be sleeping
together and that’s that”.

Mum looked a bit worried then said “I’ll talk to him about it but not quite
as abruptly as that. While I have accepted what you are I think it will
take your father a bit longer to understand and accept the fact that his
son is different. It took me a while to get used to the idea that I won’t
have any children to carry on the family name but I can now cope with it”.

Wow that was the most serious statement I have heard my mother say.

We both kissed her and said our goodbye’s telling her that we would sleep
in my bed tomorrow night.

On the way home I had an idea. “baby we haven’t been to our secret hideout
for a while, I wonder if any one still uses it”.

Derek said “True do you want to ride round there now and check”.

I nodded and agreed so we headed for the sports field and our own little
clearing in the bushes.

After parking our bikes we crawled through the little tunnel which was
clear of obstructions so someone had been looking after the spot. We had a
peasant surprise when we got inside and saw a couple of Derek’s old
friends. David and Bill.

They were in the sixty nine position both intent on sucking the other
rampant cocks and didn’t notice us until Derek spoke. “What a great sight”.

They broke apart looking startled and guilty until they noticed who it was.

David spoke first. “Oh hello haven’t seen you two since you publicly
declared your love”.

I said. “Yes we have more comfortable surroundings now for our love making,
but thought we’d check out the old haunt to see if was still being used”.

“We use it all the time and a couple of new guys, Peter and Damien have
been coming round too”.

“Well” Derek said “Don’t let us stop you with what you were doing. We might
do the same” Looking at me with that irresistible grin.

He pulled me down to the ground and we began kissing and fondling each
others cocks. We both soon got hard and ready and I moved down to release
his prick from his pants and began kissing and licking it. Derek followed
suit with mine and soon we where both hot and ready.

We started to suck each others cocks both able to deep throat each other
with ease by now. I moved my lovers pants down a bit more and inserted my
finger into his willing hole while taking every inch of his dick into my
mouth. I started moving my finger not only in and out but round and round
as well and Derek followed suit. Soon both of us were reaching the point of
no return and blasted load after load to be quickly swallowed so as not to
spill a drop. I moved up to take him in my arms and kissed him gently and
lovingly. We heard David sigh and say to Bill. “it’s wonderful to see two
people so much in love”.

Bill replied. “do you think we’ll ever reach that stage?”

David looked a bit puzzled and replied “I think we are pretty close already
don’t you?”

“yes I suppose so, but I don’t think we are quite at the same level as
those two, Believe me David, I do love you”.

“and I love you” David replied.

Just then we heard someone else coming through the tunnel and two cute
young men appeared. David introduced us to Peter and Damien. Damien I
recognised him from school and he told us Peter went to another school not
far away.

Damien said “I admire you guys for coming out and declaring your love for
each other I had tears in my eyes when you announced it in assembly. I’d
like to do that but Peter doesn’t he’s scared of what might happen”.

Derek told them. “it’s up to the both of you to decide but think it out
very carefully before taking what is a big step”.

Peter spoke up for the first time. “I don’t think I could cope with
everyone knowing and staring at me because I happen to be different”.

I could see by the look on his face that Peter was having trouble coming to
terms with the fact that he was homosexual. I said to Damien “Don’t forget
Damien any decisions you make have to be made by the both of you and Peter
just take it slowly one step at a time until you are really sure”.

On that note we left them and headed home for tea.

That night lying in my lovers arms in bed I said.

“I hope Damien doesn’t rush Peter into making a decision that he doesn’t
want to because he is very scared and uncertain about what is going on”.

“Yes, the look on his face when Damien was talking about coming out said it

I agreed. Kissed my darling goodnight and slowly drifted off to sleep
thinking this business of publicly declaring your love was not for

This chapter was not quite as long as some of the other, but I hope you
enjoyed it.

More to cum. Your comments and thoughts are most welcome and I will try and
reply to them all.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy